Femoral Nerve Pain Diagnosed Meralgia Paresthetica

by sandy

I've had the Femoral nerve Meralgia Paresthetica for about a month. When I presented to the M.D about a month ago I had burning pain in the side of the left leg thigh area all the way across the groin.

Blood test were done.
MRI done.

MD says it is Meralgia Paresthetica.

Recommended Ibuprofen 3/per day 800 mg.

A month later with one set back(I was leaning over to get something out of the stove) I had burning in the left thigh.

It is difficult to get in bed because with the left leg I have to be careful or I get the burning. Also, the same issues getting out of bed.

What I want to know is what type of exercises are recommended for cardivascular fitness. I also am 38% bmi and have a weight problem. Before all this happened I worked out on an recumbent bike. Now I'm afraid to do that because I think it could compress the nerve again.

Any suggestions for exercise.

Also I find relief when I stand and bend my left leg back and place it on a bed. I believe this is because the thigh muscle gets a good stretch.

Please give recommnedations for exercise. I am not asking you to diagnosis since I've gotten that already. So I believe exercise recommendations should be ok for you to do. If you can't direct the answer towards me, then could you at least tell me what you tell your patients with this condition.

Thank you.

Hello Sandy,
Yes, you do have a weight problem, and quite a serious one at that. I'm not going to give you a long lecture! I'm sure you've had that many times, but please, for your own sake do something about it. Otherwise there's just pain, pain, pain down the road for you. This is just the start.

You'll find lots of help at our Free weight Loss page. The long and the short of it: cut back drastically on all carbohydrate, and don't go onto the protein shakes.

It's well known that seriously overweight people suffer often from MP. The Lateral Femoral Cuntaneous nerve gets seriously trapped in the groin as it emerges from the pelvis. Be on the lookout for a weakening of the quad muscle, then it's something more that MP. Does the knee give?

There are two sets of exercises I'd recommend:


(Maignes syndrome is a first cousin of MP)


Start them slowly, or they'll just make you sore. Listen to your body, and it'll tell you what works, and what doesn't.

Hope this has contributed.

Dr B

BTW: No reseach that I know of that anti inflammatory drugs help with MP. Rather address the causes: usually a subluxation in the high lumbars, the entrapment in the groin and of course your weight. In chiropractic we try to address the cause not the symptoms.

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Jul 03, 2017

by: Barrie

Protein shakes are bad for everything. Let your food be your medicine, and get back to the foods your grandmother once served.

In all honesty, protein shakes will neither help nor hinder meralgia paresthetica. What's needed is work in the groin where the lateral femoral nerve emerges, and often in the mid lumbar spine too.

Dr B

Jun 27, 2017
by: Anonymous

Are protein shakes bad for MP?

Rather look to free range eggs, if you can find them, and legumes for high protein. For example, I make a large tub of hummus twice a week. Use the site search function at Chiropractic Help to find the recipe.

Dr B

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