Femoral Nerve and pregnancy

by Sarah

I am quite pregnant (due any day now) and have been having intermittent severe pain in the front of my right hip for a couple of weeks, most often when I stand up to walk - sometimes when already walking. It doesn't radiate anywhere, but it makes it almost impossible to walk, simply because of the pain, right in my hip. Baby's head often rests in that area, making me initially think that was the cause.

I recently read that femoral nerve pain can be caused by wearing low-slung tight pants, which has also been the case for me. I am desperate for relief and hope to see a chiropractor in a couple of days. Any ideas on the cause and treatment? Thanks!

Hello Sarah,
Congratulations and enjoy the new little person.

This is unlikely to be a femoral nerve lesion, or anything to do with the tight pants; the latter affects the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve and would give you pain on the outer side of the thigh.

This is almost pubic bone pain which is common in pregnancy and alas unless addressed can sometimes go on long after the birth.

Of course a proper examination is needed to confirm this; but you can give yourself considerable relief just by gently pulling the knee gently to the chest several times and then doing some pelvic tilts.

The most effective treatment is very painful and you could perhaps ask your husband to do it, but best by a professional.

With your legs slightly spread, ask him to use a little oil and run his thumb up the inner thigh towards the pubic bone, and then across through the groin; lighten up here.

Now, if the naughty right thigh is extremely painful, then you have the probably source of your pain. It will hurt, but tell him not to kill you; sometimes it's really red hot. Repeat a maximum of two times and then not for several days; you may get some bruising.

Best see your chiropractor and have the sacroiliac joint checked out; it can also cause groin pain.

Find our pregnancy exercises for the pelvis using the search function.

I hope this contributes.

Dr b

» Femoral Nerve and pregnancy

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