Femoral and inguinal nerve pain after laminectomy

by Donald
(West Branch, Iowa)

I had a surgical laminectomy on the 2nd lumbar and am now experiencing pain in the right groin and inner thigh. I've been checked for kidney stones, hernias, and prostate problems with no success and wonder if it may be an undesirable result of the surgery. I had the surgery due to a fall on the ice in Dec.,one year ago. I had to wait until July to get the surgery. At that time I had a 2nd lumbar ridiculopathy.

Hello Donald,
What's the difference between the thigh pain you are experiencing now, and before the surgery? Is it now in the groin? Both nerve roots supply that general area.

Other nerves also supply the groin, particularly the superior cluneal nerves, and yes, I suppose it's possible they could have been injured in a laminectomy; you would likely also then have buttock pain.

Any back pain? If you bend slowly forwards, backwards and then to the side, do you get lower back pain, and is there any immediate referral to the leg?

Test the strength of the quadriceps muscle by gently hopping on first the left leg and then the naughty leg. Is it giving at the knee?

Prick you leg with a pin. Is there a difference right and left?

Lie on your belly with the knees bent at 90*. Ask your spouse to first gently lift the left knee (and whole leg) and compare the tightness and pain in the front of the thigh when she lifts the right knee.

Have you had another MRI, Donald. Has the original lesion been fixed?

The real question in all this is where do you go now? I would start with the Maignes syndrome exercises which you can find at our site using the search function. Place your hands under your back whilst doing pelvic tilts and rock the T12, L1, L2 area particularly, but go right up and down the lumbar spine. Start gently. Do them for a month, and see if there's any change.

It's now nearly six months post surgery, and an experienced and thorough chiropractor is certainly an option now; we use certain techniques that are less vigorous. Also that sacroiliac joint needs to be checked because it can cause groin pain, but not likely radiating down the inner thigh.

I hope this contributes some. Let me know in a month how you are getting on.

Dr B

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Aug 30, 2016
knee pain
by: Lulu

i had a laminectomy and screws put in my lower back, l4,l5, and s1 three weeks ago.

I am experiencing pain between my left groin and knee; more felt on the knee, and the same leg is slightly weak.

Hello Lulu,
It's a huge procedure you've had and there will always be some pain after the operation. Three weeks isn't long. Just be careful and do exactly what the surgeon said you could and shouldn't do.

Try an decide where the leg is feeling weak. Is the knee giving? Can you raise your big toe? Is lifting the heel difficult?

If these are new symptoms then you should discuss them with the neurosurgeon.

Just be careful; ask if you may sit, or should you be lying down some of the day.

Good luck, I hope it turns out well.

Dr B

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