Fallen rib cage

by Carole Lynn
(New York)

I always had a high rib cage which softly curved out under the breast line. In the last few years, it has fallen down (so to speak). Naturally, I now REALLY make sure that I have good posture (I always did; however, now I am watching this much more including being at home after business .... making sure to hold my shoulders up and rib cage and breast up).

Yes, I have a slight scoliosis which seems to have been one of those that came on suddenly following a horrendous fall BACKWARD when my high heel sank into a sidewalk crack and I went over backward (barely missing cracking my head). I severely pulled the muscles from the knee to the groin (inner thigh of right leg), and I was on crutches from June 26, 2002 to that Sept. 9th. I feel that that is when the curvature started as I never had ANY scoliosis before. I hope to get to the CLEAR Institute one day to have this corrected. Can you advise me re why my rib cage is not 'staying up' by itself as it once did? I am 5' 8", 128 lbs. (always was slender), fine-boned, and 55 although my health and appearance is more like 39. I am SO VERY grateful!

Hello Carole Lynn,
Frankly, I'm not sure. It would take an examination to give an opinion.

Is that the only sign you have? No pain in your rib cage, breastbone or midback?

If you have full range of motion, no pain, then frankly I wouldn't fuss too much. Most of us have had a fall or two, though that was certainly a beauty!

Keep active. It's a great blessing to have your weight and figure, but you are more prone to osteoporosis, so regular walks are important, and a good diet naturally.

Sorry, I feel I haven't really contributed much.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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Sep 01, 2012
Fallen Rib Cage
by: Anonymous

Dr. B...
Thank you so much for responding. In fact, you are reassuring and that makes all the difference. You gave me advisement once before, and it was right on the mark. Yes, I would like to consult with you, but I believe that you are not in the Manhattan/Long Island area? You instill much confidence in a patient (or prospective patient) due to your wording. It is appreciated totally.

Dr. Barrie Lewis Dr. Barrie Lewis

I can a whole week on a compliment like that! No, regretably not in Manhattan. About 10,000 miles away!
Have a good day.

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