Fall from horse onto upper back; still have pain in my rhomboid and tingling in fingers

by Sara
(Wisconsin, USA)

Hi Dr,

I took a nasty fall from a galloping horse about two weeks ago. Thankfully, I managed to land on my upper back, rather than my head. Thankfulness aside, I had extreme pain and almost zero movement for the first week. My chiro adjusted me and used Kinesio tape to help dissipate the swelling, and it really did help things along. I am now at a point where my spine and neck are a little tender, but more than manageable, however I do still have a very sore left rhomboid(?) muscle (that runs along my scapula). I have full ROM and am able to lift and bear weight, but my arm and fingers do get tingly and numb throughout the day.

I am worried that I may have torn or injured the muscle, but is it possible that I just haven't waited long enough for the nerves to calm down in that specific area? I don't want to rush into a specialist office visit, if I need only be a bit more patient.

Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts.

Hello Sara,
Yes, I think you need to be more patient; it sounds like your chiropractor is doing a great job.

A fall like that is certainly going to leave it's mark; you can be well be pleased you are alive, and not a quadriplegic. I often say to patients that we chiropractors hate horse riding; not horses. They bring us a lot of work, and it's almost always difficult.

The tingling in your arm is of course of concern and if it too doesn't improve over the next month, xrays and perhaps a scan of your neck may be necessary. Rome wasn't built in a day and in the circumstances you can be well pleased from what you describe above.

You've had a serious injury; a quiet life is important for the next few weeks. Your chiropractor will advise you about the scans, if they are needed.

If you're concerned, print this out, and share your concerns with him.

Meantime, whilst it's fresh in your mind, think back to what caused the accident. Don't repeat it!

Good luck; let us know how you are getting on in a few weeks.

Dr B

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