eye lid twitching and chronic frontal headache and temples, TMJ exercises

by Pauline
(Elk City OK)

TMJ exercises

Hello from Oklahoma. Your website is wonderful. I have already saved it.
Wished I was near there.
I've had TMJ off and on (pain) for years. I've always had the popping noise on my left joint.

But, I'll check into the nearby Myofacial pain clinic and see what they can do. My headache pain is getting unbearable.

And, to boot, I now have in my right eyelid, right along the lashline, a twitching of the lid and is getting sore, So thinking possibly this is related either to a muscle or nerve, interconnected to the TMJ syndrome ? ?

IS eyelid twitching related to a nerve from the neck or TMJ?

Thank you very much


Hello Pauline,
Twitching of the eyelid, in itself, is not particularly important. It happens frequently in stressed people, and as such just a sign that you need to take things a little more slowly. When did you last have a holiday? One of those Americans who only gets a two weeks a year? Horrible.

When combined with other symptoms, such as facial pain, or headaches, then it takes a greater significance.

The pain and popping in your jaw joint is very significant, a common cause of facial pain and headache. Related to the eyelid... honest injun, I'm not sure. Perhaps. The sensory inervation of the eyelid is the same nerve that supplies the jaw joint, the Trigeminal nerve. But the motor nerves to the eyelid (if my memory serves me right, are the third and seventh) which you would expect to be involved in twitching.

What's needed is a careful assessment of your jaw joint and your upper neck, which is where the sensory nucleus of the Trigeminal nerve is located.

Start looking for a chiropractor who is interested in the TMJ.

You might also try the TMJ exercises at Chiropractic Help. Use the Search this Site facillity.

I hope this helps.

Dr B

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Aug 23, 2011
by: Dr Rene

Hi Pauline

I have to agree with Dr B. The pain / irritation that you feel in your jaw and eye may definitely be related.

I have seen a few such cases in my practice, also refer to Dr Allan Terret in Australia, I recall that he also mentioned a similar case in a siminar once.

Having a good Chiropractor to look at your cervical spine, esp upper c-spine, and your TMJ.

Hope this helps, I sometimes wish I can adjust via a PC but alas, mu hand are not digital.

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