Epigastric Hernia

Hi, I am 40 year old woman with height 5 ft, weight 92 kgs. Recently I consulted a surgeon for protrusion visible on upper part of my abdomen, above the navel. He said it is Epigastric Hernia. I have noticed this since 1 month, and have no pain. I have been advised with surgery with mesh repair. I have lots of belly fat, which hangs out freely. Now I want to know of what exercises should I do to reduce my belly fat, and strenghthen my ab muscles. Should I totally avoid forward bending exercises. Does cycling in lying position, leg raise help my condition. Is it posible to avoid surgery with exercise. What if I am to consider trying to conceive at a later stage, with ivf. I mean does the mesh be hinderance to my health while pregnancy.

Thank you,

Hello Shobha,
No exercise will reduce your body fat. Well if you could commit yourself to two hours a day, but that I doubt. What you need to learn about is the meaning of the term "glycemic index", and avoid high GI foods.
Exercises for your abdominal muscles would be beneficial, but they won't get rid of the fat; and they won't fix the hernia.
Frankly your weight is life threatening, or will be within a few years. It's most unlikely you'll fall pregnant, your blood pressure, sugar and a host of other problems are in store; like hip and knee arthritis.
Why not do the brave thing, and get it off. Difficult I know but not nearly as difficult as that which awaits you just around the corner.

Sorry if I seem abrupt, but at the end of the day each of us are responsible for our own health. You KNOW you need to get it off. I'm sure the surgeon told you the same thing. So do it. You may even find it will reduce the hernia, and certainly you'll fall pregnant without the dramas of ivf.

Dr B

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Jul 10, 2015
Epigastric Hernia
by: Shobha

Thank you for your advice. I have already started my fitness regime and restricted diet, and would want to reduce my weight as soon as possible.

Well done, Shobha, the victory is won between the ears. You can do it.

Dr B

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