dull ache in arms and hands! TINGLING IN ARMS AND HANDS

by julie


About 6 weeks ago I woke up with a dull ache in my right arm. I thought I'd slept funny! It's not a pain just an horrible ache.

I went to my doctor who told me if its not gone in 2 weeks to come back (no medication) after the 2 weeks it seemed to have gone! Then last week it started again but started also travelling down my arm in to my hand!, then I startd with a pain in my neck.

I did go for massage, he told me thought it was a trapped nerve?. I was in agony that night! I've used deep heat hot water bottle etc. and took pain killers!

After a couple of days it was much better then last night woke up at 4 am with this horrible tingly dull ache feeling again in both arms? but left arm seemed worse. I took diclofenic. I have only had 4 tabs in total up to now. When I got this feeling in the night I felt really sick and had a headache! I'm so worried, but do I need to go to the hospital? Please help!

thanks julie x

I'm a normally healthy 39 year old female?

Hello Julie,
No, you don't need to go to the hospital (though an X-ray would be useful, including the "oblique" views.)

You have a condition known as a "brachial neuralgia", in layman's terms: a pinched nerve in the neck. It's one of the more painful conditions we treat, nights are often bad, and sometimes it can be stubborn to treatment of any sort.

Having said that, normally the condition will be much improved within 2-4 weeks with chiropractic care.

Three classic tests:

* Turn your head to the right, and then look up. Does in hurt in your neck, and does it radiate into the arm?

* Stretch your good arm out to the side, palm forwards, and extend your wrist, remembering the tightness in the lower arm. Now repeat with the naughty arm. Is it much tighter? Painful?

* Does placing your hand on your head RELIEVE the pain?

See an experienced chiropractor. Soon.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

PS. Correcting your English was a pain, but seeing you're in such a pain we'll be kind! Don't they teach grammar in M?

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Aug 08, 2012
doc b
by: lenda

grammer may not her strong point....`
manners are not ur strong point.....

u must make a wonderful 'bone cracker' ~*


Hello Julie,
Just wondering how you are doing? You have a difficult condition, but hopefully you have seen a chiropractor and are feeling better.

The bad mannered chiropractor!

May 23, 2011
dull ache in right arm
by: Anonymous

Thankyou i know im silly not going for x ray im just so frightened! ive still got it in my arm the dull ache, and ache in my hand, today, yesterday i had neck ache slightly but definatly today only in my arm, i eat well and i do sleep it just niggles throughout the day like thoothache.. im gong to contact a chiropractor tomorrow xx many thanks for all ur help!!

Let me know how you get on. Take a copy of this correspondence with you. Good luck.

Oh, and exchange your "friend" for another who isn't a prophet of doom! There's a one in a million chance that she's right! 999,999 chance that you have a problem that, neglected, could lead to more serious problems, and is usually routinely treatable.

May 22, 2011
dull ache in arms TINGLING IN ARMS AND HANDS
by: Anonymous


Oh thank you, you have made me feel a little bit easier! but ache in arms seem to have got a bit worse! too scared to go for x ray bcause my friend said it could be heart related or bone cancer, really really worried and not sleeping very well!!

Also dull ache in neck today? as well as arms! Do u think it could be cancer? I'm so scared.

So sorry for bad english, many thanks for your reply.

Well yes, I suppose it could be cancer of the neck. I've seen about a dozen cases I suppose in thirty years. About ONE EVERY THREE YEARS!

Far more likely you have an irritated nerve in the neck causing tingling in your arms and hands - that I see about 4-5 cases EVERY DAY.

Your friend has no right putting the wind up you like that. Neck cancer is EXTREMELY RARE!

Rather than living the rest of your life in terror, go and find out what is the cause of your pain. Face it head on. Denial and fear of the unknown are usually far worse than the underlying problem.

Oh, yes, and I think it was ten years ago I saw a patient with pain in the arm from a heart condition. Only in the left arm, not ARMS.

Start looking for a conscientious chiropractor in your neighbourhood. Ask your doctor, friends and family.

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