Dr. Earl Moore. Best Chiropractor in NW FL & Christian too!

by Angela
(Crestview, Fl. USA)

Dr. Earl Moore. Best Chiropractor in NW FL & Christian too!

In the ten years prior to becoming a patient of Dr. Moore's, I had been treated by three previous chiropractors & numerous massage therapist for a work related injury. I explained to each that I had felt a "popping" followed by "pins & needles" sensation. The next ten years included shots of codeine directly into over twenty spasmed muscles in my back, daily to every other day being seen for e-stim before I did anything else, & constant re-positioning.

I then met Dr. Moore & his wonderful wife, Georgia. Not long after a few initial adjustments, he discovered the source of my agony for the last ten years had been due to a sublax rib which, with a warning, he popped back into place. I did require several visits, over the next few months due to it popping back out, but that was several years ago. My visits to Dr. Moore are for routine alignments now. I am very grateful to God for using him to heal my body. Thank you Jesus!

Lovely testimonial, Angela, thank you for sharing.

Rib pain causes ...

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