dorsal scapular nerve

by josh

Dorsal scapular nerve pain can be very difficult.

I have deep upper back pain and neck pain. I think it has to do with the dorsal scapular nerve. Can you help me find a good chiropractor in the Philadelphia area that would understand this? I've been to half a dozen who say the same thing with the same treatment with no relief.

Hello Josh,
I'm sorry you're not responding to chiropractic help; having said that, this problem can be very difficult.

Part of the reason is that upper midback pain can stem from a multitude of conditions; the spine itself, the rib head joints, from the cervical spine, and sometimes even from the lungs or other organs.

Are you basically in good health? No cough?

Would you do a few tests for me please.

1. Turn your head to the side and then look up; does it reproduce the pain? Where? Any referral to the arm?

2. Take in a deep breath; any pain?

3. Press where the ribs attach to the breastbone; any tenderness and is there a lump?

4. Using the search function in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help, with the help of a friend, do the 'upper limb tension test.' Is it much tighter in the arm on one side?

Have you had x-rays, and did they show any changes in the joints of Luschka, sometimes called the paravertebral joints?

Perhaps it's time for an orthopaedic opinion. I have no recommendations of chiropractors in your area; try the local chiropractic association, asking for the name of someone experienced and thorough.

Dr B

» dorsal scapular nerve

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