Diagnosed with cluneal nerve damage and pain down the front of the thigh

by Tricka
(Indianapolis, IN)

I had three injections so far for my low back pain. I was pain free for two weeks after the second injection.

The pain is in my right low back / buttock area. The pain radiates down the front of my thigh and into my knee - sometimes the leg.

The pain is worse when I lift anything heavier than 20 lbs and after standing/sitting for a while. I also can't lay on my right side.

The orthopedic has dismissed me with a "you may be like a construction worker who works in pain all day and gets home and can do nothing else."

I'm a flight attendant and this is unacceptable to me even if I had a desk job.

Can I benefit from chiropractic care or surgery?

Hello Tricka,
Mostly medication and injections brings only temporary relief of symptoms particularly for chronic conditions.

There are two cluneal nerves, superior and medial, and neither fit with pain radiating down the front of the thigh to the knee. There are two common causes of this pattern:

1. A hip condition. Lie on your back and pull your knee to your chest and then rotate the hip. Is it inordinately stiff, or painful. Then drop your hip into the lotus position; what do you feel? Run your thumb from the ASIS, see the enclosed graphic, using a little oil down through the groin, lighten up over the femoral artery and nerve and down the inner thigh; is it much more tender on the right thigh?

2. Then the femoral nerve from the mid to upper lumbar spine supplies the front and inner side of the thigh and lower leg; it's more difficult to test for, but does bending backwards and to the right radiate down the front of your leg?

3. The sacroiliac joint can also supply the groin area.

If you often have pain when standing or walking slowly as in window shopping, then a short leg should be considered; sometimes an insert in your shoe can be miraculous.

What's needed, Tricka, is an accurate diagnosis and only a very careful and thorough examination can achieve that. If pulling the knee to the chest hurts then I'd recommend an x-ray of the pelvis taken standing.

Do you regularly, by which I mean daily do lower back exercises? I recommend those you'll find in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help, done faithfully every single morning before getting out of bed; that alone will likely improve your condition by 50% within a month or two; they take less than two minutes.

Any pain on the side of the hip when lying down may be from the trochanteric bursa and a sacroiliac fixation.

Let me know how you get on. Surgery should be your very last option, in my humble opinion.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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