deep pain & tingling in right scapula area

by Karla
(Villisca IA, USA)

I have had triple fusion C4-C5, c5-C6, C6-C7 two years ago Anterior then had another neck procedure (foramenotomy & lumpectomy) done 12/31/2013. The surgeon was working to release nerve to the right arm, and in doing so, hit a nerve with a screw on the left side. I also have had 3 rotator cuff repairs since 8/2013, with the last one 2 months ago.

BUT, in February 2014, just over a month after my last neck surgery, I started getting INTENSE feeling of numbness around the right scapula. Needless to say, I have seen numerous specialists. Every doctor basically says it's all from the neck. The pain is deep, and intensifies when I bend forward.

Most of the time feels like there is a "bone" sticking out or hitting something. I also have pain in my middle back, scapula, and over to the rib by my right arm pit. I swear my shoulder is out of placement and the scapula is hitting a rib. All I hear is "it's complicated".

Is there not a surgery that can help with the bursa around the scapula and why won't the doctors try it. I am in so much pain for over a year now.

Hello Karla,
You've had a tough time but what I'm asking is that after all these surgeries, you're still asking if there isn't another operation...

This letter is the first positive step. You're starting to look outside the medical drug and surgery approach to musculo skeletal disease.

Look upon this as a journey. And from me, I'm afraid you're going to hear the same refrain. It IS complicated.

From now on, start to apply your own inner wisdom. Stop accepting that every doctor who says to you, all you need is this pill, this operation, that manipulation, is speaking the truth.

You've been a pawn in the game of medical ping pong, batted from this doctor, to that operation, to this whatever. Start now to take control by applying your own mind to your problem. Don't accept everything that doctors tell you; there are a lot of quacks out there, including chiropractors, all after your money.

There is no way that I can offer a solution; you have to go out and find the solution; a doctor who really cares, isn't just interested in your money, who will listen and examine you thoroughly. And fix whatever is wrong with you. Do you homework, and find him or her; they are waiting for you. If you haven't seen a chiropractor, perhaps that's the place to start.

Don't expect a miracle; whoever is going to fix this is going to have to work damn hard, be utterly conscientious and thorough. Such people do exist; find him.

That pain could be coming from your neck; the dorsal scapular nerve supplies the rhomboids between your shoulder blades. That would be complex and difficult; it comes from your neck.

But it might equally just be a costo-transverse subluxation; that would be relatively simple. But it takes a thorough examination to make the diagnosis and fix your problem.

Good luck and God bless; let us know in a month or two how you are getting on.

Dr B

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