Deep in shoulder or upper back

by C
(New England)

I suspect this pain is because of breast implants (tuba). I got them 15 years ago when I was young and thin. The surgery was virtually painless and only took 45 minutes. Now I am older (60) and have gained 40lbs.

I am struggling to lose weight, I started swimming regularly about a year ago. I feel more peppy but still have the pain.

I do not have the money to have them removed, please do not tell me to simply have it done or get the money. I would only go to a qualified surgeon and it is no longer possible to do that and recently used the last of my savings to pay out of pocket for my cataract lenses, which are working out beautifully. I have had two bouts of lyme disease. I only have state health insurance now and I feel if they even consented to implant removal it would be a general surgeon that would butcher me.

I have gone to them for help and they suggested physical therapy. I went a few times and it was ridiculous. A heating pad, ice pad, a bit of poking around.

Thank you for any suggestions or could you recommend someone in my area? I am willing to travel to NYC and live in central Connecticut.

Dear C,
I'm sorry to hear that you think a general surgeon would only butcher you; I'm not convinced you are correct. If it was so simple to fit the implants, is it necessarily so complex to remove them?

There are two techniques commonly used by chiropractors to adjust the area, and perhaps physical therapists too, and one of them would be highly undesirable; there's a possibility of popping those implants. I suspect that's why the PT are so 'ridiculous'. First do no harm.

However there are other ways of adjusting the ribs and thoracic spine that would not endanger the implants.

First however what's needed is a thorough examination. There are so many possible causes of pain in this region.

Contact the local chiropractic association for the name of an experienced doctor in your area.

Good luck, keep at the swimming and getting the weight off. It is important. Cutting out the refined starches is the easiest and healthiest way to go about it; we should be eating crackers and crispy white bread anyway.

Dr B

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