Compression fracture of L4

by Ahmad khan
(Lahore, Punjab Pakistan )

Leg pain

Leg pain

Compression fracture of L4 is not uncommon in the elderly should they fall.

Hello, my grandmother experienced a compression fracture on the L4. After getting it badly massaged, the pain got worse and after an MRI we found out that it's a fracture. She also fell down while trying to walk on her own. She uses a belt to support her back and slouches a lot when she walks. She cannot straighten her back. Also her legs are hurting a lot. Is it due to the back fracture?

Please guide me about some treatments so her pain is reduced. However this is no swelling anywhere.

Hello Ahmad,
You are between the proverbial devil and the deep blue sea. For a compression fracture in the spine, she should be resting a great deal for six weeks until it heals.

But if she rests then the osteoporosis becomes worse still.

When she is standing she must wear the belt.

I recommend a combination of lying down, with gentle back exercises every half an hour, and getting up for a short walk around the house, with the belt, every hour. She must try not to bend forwards as the compression fracture of L4 will not then heal; or with a deformity.

Yes, the leg pain may be from a pinched nerve in her back; for the moment it's best to wait for a few weeks before any treatment.

Alternating ice and heat will help with the pain and inflammation. Tahini from sesame seeds is a particularly good source of calcium.

It's a difficult time; I'm sorry I cannot be more constructive.

Dr B

» Compression fracture of L4

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