cold arm and fingers

I wanted to know if you could suggest or recommend a Chiropractor in my " neck of the woods". I have had continuing on & off coldness in my entire (right) arm and at times, my fingers or thumb and index finger. It starts from my shoulder and on down. It seems waking up is the worse time because it is also accompanied by tingling fingers.

Not sure if it's related but, my toes (sometime just 1 or 2) become very cold, turning purple, and at times accompanied by tingling or numb.

Thank You & Regards, R. Cossman
zip code: 61072

Dr Mr/s Cossman,
There's a high probability that you have a Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. It's usually caused by a subluxated first rib, and because it goes specifically into the thumb and forefinger, may be more difficult.

Where do you live? Which country? Planet Earth?! Actually best to contact your local Chiropractic Association. The chances are slim I could recommend someone near you.

Dr B

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