Clumsy legs after two lumbar surgeries

Does your back look like this, but with the BMP?

Does your back look like this, but with the BMP?

Clumsy legs after two lumbar surgeries.

I had a lumbar synovial cyst L4-5, with subsequent decompression only. 4-6 weeks later, the pain came back.

Repeat imaging showed resection of the initial cyst, but a new one had formed. Then had a fusion at L4-5 with BMP. It was great for 6 months.

Now my legs ache, and feel clumsy. Did have suspected femoral or sympathetic nerve damage due to immediate post op findings.

Hello Fost,
I guess the hardest part of being a doctor of any ilk, and a patient, I presume, is to grasp that a condition may be symptomatic of something else. High blood pressure because of smoking; easy solution, take pills. Diabetes because of obesity; inject with insulin.

It can be the same with back pain. Synovial cyst due to long standing facet lock, or a short leg, or a couch potato lifestyle, or five other hundred things.

If one doesn't face the underlying problem, smoking, obesity, too much sitting, whatever, then the problem will surely come back.

I have no idea if this applies to you, but if the cap fits, wear it. Examine your lifestyle and, if necessary make the appropriate changes, painful though they may be.

Meantime, start doing our lower back exercises that you'll find in the navigation bar at chiropractic help, EVERY single morning before getting out of bed. They take less than two minutes. Take a walk, or swim every day. Try and sit less, and avoid stupid things.

That clumsiness in the legs needs to be followed up; a neurologist is probably the right person.

I wish I could be more helpful. Gentle, careful chiropractic might help. You're between a rock and a hard place; I'm sorry and wish I could contribute more.

Dr B

» Clumsy legs after two lumbar surgeries

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