Chronic pain with tingling and numbing left side

by Judy
(Perryville, MD USA)

Maignes syndrome

Maignes syndrome

Two years ago in January 2014, severe groin pain occurred after going up and down steps to the basement putting things in storage. I went to an Orthopedic surgeon who injected cortisone and sent me to have an MRI.

Which showed tendon tears in gluteus minimus and
Medius and insertion of greater trochanter and a abnormal signal from the piriformis muscle.

Also a L5 disc extrusion.

I was given various pain prescriptions told to do hot soaks to encourage blood flow to tendons and began physical therapy after 1 month of onset of groin pain. Regained strength on left side but remain weak compared to right side and struggle with daily pain and numbing pins and needles in Piriformis area, left groin and left SI joint and side of thigh.

Big toe and thigh weakness.

Used ice on back and butt to relieve pain (temporarily).

Walking, sitting or reclining were all painful. Struggle to accomplish one errand or chore a day. My life is very limited, I'm very sad and frustrated and angry and frightened about not progressing to pain relief.

I do not like taking pain meds or muscle relaxers. I've also tried chiropractic adjustments, guided injections towards L5 disc and prolotherapy injection top of thigh and side of knee.
Is my answer strengthening and stretching and weight training? I need a plan! Please help.

Hello Judy,
The reason you are having difficulties is because there are confusing signs and symptoms, and from what you describe no clear diagnosis.

Have you had an xray of your hips?

1. It's not classical for a L5 disc lesion to affect the big toe, but it can happen if there's a far lateral extrusion into the IVF.

2. No low lumbar disc is likely to cause pain in the groin.

3. A piriformis syndrome would not affect the groin either.

Please do the following tests, and give me precise answers to each one. Vague answers will mean I cannot gain a clear picture.

1. Bend slowly forwards, then backwards, and then to the side, on no painkillers for 24 hours. Tell me exactly what you feel and where.

2. Sitting in a normal kitchen chair, ask someone to straighten your right leg parallel to the ground, and slowly flex your head onto your head. Repeat with the left leg. What happens? Be precise.

3. Lie on your back and pull first the right knee to your chest and then towards the opposite shoulder. Remember what you feel, let's call it normal. Repeat with the left. What's the difference?

4. Go to our leg pain muscle testing page and tell me exactly what weakness you find, if any, but not if it's caused by pain.

5. Hip xray report.

6. Lying on your tum ask someone to press to the side of your spine in the upper lumbar region where it meets the thoracic spine. Is there pain?

7. Sitting in a kitchen chair, raise your knee whilst keeping the knee bent. Repeat lying on a bed with knee straight and then bent.

Give me precise answers.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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