Chronic lower back, upper & lower leg /calf pains

by A. Khetia
(Staffordshire, United Kingdom)

Hi, I am a male currently aged 56 and used to smoke an average of 15 cigarettes per day. I have 80% vitiligo and my eyes/teeth have always been very yellow. For years I have been generally feeling ill, regular headaches and additionally the chronic lower back, upper & lower leg /calf pains for past 10 years, increasing over time. The back/leg pain is agonising and wished my life to perish and free me from all the pain. On countless times I have complained to my doctors about these agonising pain, unfortunately nothing has ever been done about it. Prior to my MI I had complaint to my doctor about the same and the new pains in my chest with breathing problems, tiredness and poor sleep. Unfortunately nothing was done except blood test that indicated my cholesterol was elevated at 5.3. It has been 3 years since I suffered MI/bypass. 2 years ago I suffered a TIA. Fortunately no damage was noted by CT scan to my brain but my cardio vascular surgeon noticed wide spread calcification of vessels in my head.

I have always felt my blood circulation (Atherosclerosis) could be the reason but never proved. I also believed my chronic back/leg pain may have been warnings of my CVD and ultimately my heart attack.

Does anyone believe my own diagnosis have more then some truth in it?

Hello Mr Khetia,
The pain in your back and leg is probably distinct from your cardio-vascular condition.

Well done, on stopping smoking. As you've probably realised is that or die. Smoking generally knocks at least ten years off your life, sometimes more.

It also increases back pain since less blood gets to your back. When you strain discs or muscles they simply don't get enough blood to heal.

What's needed is a careful and thorough assessment of your lower back and pelvis. As I said, a separate and distinct condition from your heart condition and TIA, but like them aggravated by your smoking. I expect your back problem is very treatable. Ask for some X-rays of the lumbar spine and pelvis for a start.

Get to see a nutritionist about getting your blood vessels cleaned up. Start with fatty fish like salmon and mackerel at least three times a week, and supplementary Omega 3 oil.

Start taking a short walk EVERY DAY. It'll help your blood vessel and back conditions.

Ask for lower back exercises. You can get some from C-H, just plug it into the Search this site function.

I hope this has all contributed. NEVER a cigarette again!

As an aside, I saw the film The King's Speech yesterday, and have copied this from Wiki: The stress of the war had taken its toll on the King's health, exacerbated by his heavy smoking and subsequent development of lung cancer among other ailments including arteriosclerosis. Princess Elizabeth, the heiress presumptive, took on more royal duties as her father's health deteriorated. A planned tour of Australia and New Zealand was postponed after the King suffered an arterial blockage in his right leg, which was operated on in March 1949.62 The delayed tour was re-organised with Princess Elizabeth . He died at 57!

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