chiropractor in the houston area specializing in menieres syndrome

by ann
(houston, texas)


»chiropractor in the Houston area specializing in menieres syndrome

Can you give me any advise on finding a chiropractor/doctor who specializes in menieres?

Hello Ann,
I would suggest you contact your local chiropractic association and ask specifically for someone who is knowledgeable about BPPV.

True Meniere's disease which includes deafness and tinnitis, ringing in the ears, is not to my knowledge really treatable. What's needed in the first instance is a diagnosis. Do you have Meniere's or vertigo?

BPPV is very treatable, Menieres is not.

May I add that I very definitely would not adjust the upper cervical spine of the dizzy patient until the Epley manoeuvres have been tried, and preferably the Hallpark Dix test is negative.

These are terms that you are probably not familiar with, but they are important. The risks associated with chiropractic manipulation are very low, and I mean very, hence our low insurance premiums, but the dizzy patient is more at risk.

There are more conservative chiropractic techniques like the use of an "activator" that would be advisable.

I'm not trying to put you off. I treat many dizzy patients, but with great care, gently, and the odd prayer! Chiropractors rush in where angels fear to tread! The vertebro basilar artery is at risk.

Let me know how you get on. I hope this contributes.

Dr B


»chiropractor in the houston area specializing in menieres syndrome

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Jun 06, 2018
Misinformation about vertigo
by: Katrina

Hello. I disagree with your statement that Meniere's is not treatable. I was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease in 2016 and my vertigo attacks started increasing so I visited an upper cervical chiropractor (In Houston, TX) and had my atlas bone adjustment. I haven't had a vertigo attack since.

Ann, if you see this call Dr. Kathryn Larson for a consultation. She really helped me.

Thank for your contribution Katrina.

Meniere's is a syndrome where there is vertigo + tinnitus + progressive deafness. Did you have all three, and were all three cured? If so, Dr Larson is indeed a miracle worker, and a good person for Ann to consult.

Every chiropractor treats patients suffering with just the first, vertigo; other other two symptoms are far more difficult.

There's strong research indicating that the chiropractor should first use the Epley manoeuvres before adjusting the neck, because a severely bad reaction to manipulation is not uncommon in the vertigo patient. It's not nice having a patient vomit all over your office carpet! Not for them, not for the doctor.

Dr B

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