Chiropractor = cheating con artist in my experience

by BOB

My experience in the USA with so called Chiropractors is that they want you to sign up for a course of treatments in order to get better. For example one I visited said that I would need at least 2 visits per week for 4 years but he would really recommend 5 visits per week and at times multiple visits per day otherwise I would never get better.

I know a few things about the human body and about physical therapy. It is much like getting beaten up. You come out of it having been twisted and turned, prodded and kneaded and it can at times feel like you have been run over a day or so afterwards.

So why would you even consider multiple visits per day?? Or even 5 treatments per week? Even 2 at times can be far too traumatic on the human body.

I have a lot of experience with various physiotherapy - shiatsu, seitai, acupuncture, hospital physiotherapy, chiropractor, osteopath, sports therapists.

Chiropractors in my opinion just plan do not understand the human body as much as other therapists do. They spill a lot of nonsensical garbage to make themselves sound intelligent. The proof is in the pudding and with chiropractic treatments it makes little or no difference, coupled with the scamming methods to get you to sign up for courses that are as much as a mortgage payment.

I would never use a Chiropractor again.

If you can find a decent Seitai therapist, that has shiatsu experience also then you will delighted with the outcome.

I have had a lot of treatments for various injuries from a Seitai practitioner who also used to be a fighter and is currently a fight coach also, so he knows a lot about to break a human body, how to train a human body to be extremely fit and I found this to be far far far superior to any Chiropractor out there by a LONG shot. He had real practical hands on knowledge. Not just some spill from a so called journal.

Other than that a decent proper physical therapist with proper experience is your best bet.

Leave those Chiropractors well alone in my opinion, unless you like losing a lot of money.

There are rotten apples in every barrel, Bob, and you came up against one of the worst, so I can't blame you for sounding off.
My regimen for chronic conditions is

* Treatment phase: 2 times a week for 3 to 4 weeks.

* Rehabilitation phase: Perhaps another half a dozen treatments over 6 weeks.

* An occasional, regular treatment, perhaps once in six weeks.

That would amount to a maximum of 20 treatments in the first year. Rather different to what you experienced.

Anyway, I'm glad you've found someone you're happy with. That's great.

Thank you for your comment, I value it, so will the readers. Watch out for the sharks!

Dr B

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Jul 13, 2017
Can cure Diabetes
by: Anonymous

I went to a Chiropractor Dr. who claimed he could cure diabetes in 2 months even tho mine is genetic and I am thin to begin with 5'8" at 140 lbs. He took me down to 120 lbs thinking that would cure it but it didn't. I was on all kinds of torture diets which didn't work and many many supplements....which did nothing at the cost of $8,000.00. I had 8 15 minutes office visits and that was it. Biggest rip off ever.

Frankly I'm surprised you were so gullible; you certainly were ripped off. No evidence whatsoever that I know of that chiropractic can cure type I diabetes.

Watch your diet carefully, take a walk every day, and use your insulin as per your doctor's prescription, and there's every chance you will live a long and normal life. There is some research that chromium supplements help, but I have no experience of that.

I hope you get that weight back on, and your blood sugar stabilizes. Thank you for writing, and it's an appropriate warning to others that there are rotten apples in every barrel.

Dr B

Sep 28, 2014
con artist chiropractor
by: Anonymous

I thought I was to smart to be taken by a con artist chiropractor. His promise was to fix my thyroid and give me more energy. He charged me 5,600. In six months he did (not?) help me at all. And he has my money.

Hello Anon,
Yes, I fear you were had. I know of no research that suggests chiropractic can help a thyroid.

I've added the (not) which I think you omitted in your fury!

What interests me is how you got sucked into believing it, why you consulted him for such a wayout condition in the first place; and stayed with the program for so long. Where you referred there by a friend, or did you get it off an internet site?

Chiropractic does sometimes help organ function, but it's so unpredictable and unresearched. To have promised you such was ingenuous.

It usually comes about quite differently; after a period of treatment for say midback pain, a patient reports they have less indigestion. Or after treatment for a chronic sacroiliac condition a long infertile woman falls pregnant.

Would I claim to be able to cure heartburn or infertility? Certainly not.

You got caught up in fringe chiropractic; I doubt one in a hundred chiros would make such a claim; you are rightly indignant.

Once bitten, twice shy, I fear.

Thank you for your contribution; it won't get you your money back, but it will give others cause to be cautious in being taken in by the unbelievable.

Dr B

An afterthought: did you medical doctor claim he would fix your thyroid and give you more energy with his pills, and couldn't come with the goods either?

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