Certified Kinesiologist, Registered Kinesiotherapist, Professional Ergonomist

by Rod
(Toronto, ON, CANADA)

I was personally injured in a Hit and Run Motor Vehicle Accident, (rear-ended), several years ago. I was fit and a well trained rehab therapist who assumed that my soft tissue injuries would heal with time and rehab.

The opposite was true. I became progressively worse with time and conventional rehabilitation.

I never received any Chiropractic Cervical manipulations but had seen a chiropractor who had the sense to hold off on manipulations until he new just what was causing my ongoing symptoms.

I had a recumbent MRI which confirmed I had, what my orthopaedic surgeon felt, was just common OA. This included, several Schmoral's Nodes, vertebral body endplate fractures, several bulging discs, and moderate facet joint degeneration. I continued with all the typical whiplash symptoms, pain, radiculopathy, parestheia, headaches, unilateral distal muscle and joint waiting, lack of concentration, fogginess, dizziness, TMJ pain and dysfunction, sleep disturbances, and debilitating cervical and lumbar back pain. None of these symptoms were taken seriously let alone understood by the several orthopaedic surgeons and physiatrists I had seen.

My Chiropractor took simple lateral stress x-rays and completed a cervical videofloroscopy, (Motion X-rays). These confirmed I had a pathological slippage of one vertebra over the next at multiple levels throughout my spine, (Loss of Motion Segment Integrity, LMSI), and 3ed degree tears of my Alar ligaments.

Finally things started to make sense to me as a Kinesiologist, I understand how structure governs function and how these new finding could be causing my symptoms. I then traveled to the USA for a Fonar Weight Bearing MRI which confirmed the lateral stress X-ray findings and actually showed the multiple ligament failures throughout my spine and also confirmed that I had a Cerebellar Tonsullar Ectopia. A tear to the Tectorial Membrane with a herniation of the Cerebellum down into the cord space blocking and disrupting normal Cerebrospinal fluid flow, (CSF).

I then completed EMG testing which confirmed nerve damage and had a SPECT Scan that confirmed a mild traumatic brain injury supporting the upright MRI findings.

I now receive orthogonal procedures from a chiropractic specialist monthly which has been the only thing able to help abate my symptoms. I have been unable to maintain any gainful employment since my accident because of the permanent impairments I suffer. However, I at least know what is causing them and how to now best manage my condition.

Thank you for sharing your story, Rod. Nasty though it is, I'm sure it'll be of encouragement to others suffering the effects of an MVA.

My rule of thumb is that MVA's always leave their mark, and in your case they obviously have been horrific. Particularly that no one took you seriously until you investigated chiropractic.

Difficult though it may be, forgive the person who did this to you, and get on with your life. Blame and anger will only make you more miserable. In short, DON'T ALLOW THIS ACCIDENT TO RUIN YOUR WHOLE LIFE.

Do your best to keep fit. Bodies in motion heal better.

Dr B

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