Carpal tunnel syndrome, or not CTS?

i have ad a discectomey a few years ago and have been pain free. now after lifting and twisting in work the pain is back ten times worse i am losing the use of my right arm and the pain is unbearable if i breath deep or sigh the pain travels down my arm and into my foot.

my spine is burning in between my shoulders and it hurts when i breath.

I. also have foot pain and am finding it painful to put my foot on the floor.I have seen my doctor 6 times crying in pain and she injected my hands to try and ease the pain because she thinks it is carpel tunnel.

My blood test show very high levels of inflammation and they have given me nothing.I know it's not but they just wont listen. When you have already slipped a disc you know the pain you don't forget it it so hard to get up everyday and get on fighting this kind of pain i cannot even hold anything in my hands in the mornings and the burning pain is getting me down.

I go to bed most nights crying and i am very strong person but finding it hard to cope. I saw a orthopaedic surgeon last week and he didn't even look at me just said it not carpel tunnel i think it might be your thyroid i didn't even have chance to open my mouth .

Hello Mrs Wadly,
Yes, it's shocking when doctors won't even listen to you.

Look, you obviously have several different problems going on: Your neck, your hand, your midback, your leg and your foot. That does indeed point to a high level of inflammation.

Two things you can do for yourself: get onto a diet high in fatty fish. You are obviously getting too much omega 6 in your diet, and far too little omega 3. Omega 3 salmon oil capsules would help too.

Secondly go on to an alkalysing diet for a week. Lots of vegeable broth soups, very little meat, eggs, cheese, dairy.

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes tingling and pain in the 1-4 fingers, it ALWAYS misses the pinkie. Where does you hand hurt?

Go to the hospital and get your X-rays. If they won't allow you to take them, take a camera, put them one by one up on the viewing box, and photograph them with your digital camera.

Now DEMAND your doctor give you the name of a chiropractor in your area, one that she recommends. She sounds like a nice carying lady, but obviously isn't able to help. All these pains are conditions we treat regularly.

Good luck, I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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Nov 20, 2011
carpal tunnel
by: rosie

I have already had MRI scans and have four slipped discs the two at the bottom of my back don't cause my much bother its the two up the top I have trouble with

I have had an op and had one fixed and he told me I would have trouble with the next one that surgeon left I had no scan after my op they lost my records for two years my GP wrote and I waited a year for an appointment then a week before I was due to go to the hospital they cancelled so that was it

I gave up since surgery I can't not lay on the back of my head at all so I couldn't go in the MRI scanner again anyway.

my fingers that hurt are small finger and forth finger left hand wrist

on the right hand up to elbow shoulder into between my shoulders middle fingers.

That's the C8 dermatome, Rosie. You definitely DON'T have carpal tunnel syndrome, or in any case it's not what causing the pain in your pinkie and ring finger.

The middle finger is the C7 dermatome.

Time to see an experienced chiropractor.

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