Burning toes bottom of right foot toes spreading

by Sissy

It's my whole right side starting my groin area excruciating pain runs from hip, inner and outer thigh, the whole knee into my shin. My right butt is excruciatingly painful; I can't sit stand for long periods. It's been going on four years. Never in my life felt this pain; I can't do anything. I fell and broke my nose; got up and fell on floor twice more. No feeling in my leg; I can't sleep, feels like something ripping my insides out. Often my right side of lower stomach hurts; almost makes me puke. Please help.

Hello Sissy,
I'm going to assume, but it's a guess that the stomach pain is a reaction to the medication you are taking. Anti-inflammatories cause ulcers.

A few tests after taking no pain medication for 1 hours. Bend slowly forward, then back and finally to each side. Tell me as accurately as you can what you feel and where.

Please be precise.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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Apr 24, 2023
by: Anonymous

I do not take no meds for this and the pain is my lower right side where your ovaries are to be I do not have ovaries hysterectomy I'm more concerned with hip ,groin,knee shin I'm just getting out of bed after 5 days barely walking

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