Burning sensation in thighs and upper shin.

by Steve
(Chennai, India)

Femoral nerve, Burning sensation in thighs and upper shin.

I am experiencing a burming sensation in the front area and to the inside of the thighs and, through the knees and down the shin about 3 inches short of the ankle. The knees are continuously throbbing in pain. No amount of pain killers are effective and having disturbed sleep due to the restlesness. No position is comfortable.

I limp and walk and my knees seem to buckle frequently, particularly the left. The MRI's are not indicating anything significant.
What am I suffering from?
How do I manage the pain? and
What do I need to do to get completely cured.


Alas, complete cures don't exist in medicine, neither do they in chiropractic.

No back pain? If you bend, twist, extend your back... does it provoke any back pain, or leg pain?

On one side, this is not an uncommon condition at the chiropractic coalface, but in both legs it may be more complicated.

Particularly if the knee(s) is buckling. That means there is weakness in the quadriceps muscle.

No groin pain? Stiffness in the hips?

You don't have Maigne's syndrome but Maignes syndrome exercises might help - they're for the same area of the spine. That's assuming this pain is coming from your back, which it probably is.

Steve, what's needed is a good chiropractic examination. Whether you can get that in Chennai, I'm afraid I don't know.

Dr B

Another question for you:

A person who has suffered a shingles attack once, is it possible for him/her to get a second attack many years later?
Is it possible for one to have a shingles attack without the blisters / eruptions on the skin?


Hello again, Steve,
You're asking the wrong person really, but I THINK the answer is YES, though it's rare.

Likewise your second question, though I think the answer there is no. Certainly your leg pain should be considered first a Femoral nerve lesion, when that's ruled out, other things can be considered. Got some answers to my questions above?

Dr B.

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Dr B

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