Burning Sensation and tingling in arms and chin

by Sara

Good day!

My problem started suddenly on November 20th, I was sitting at my computer at work, then felt a great heat running in my both arms and chest, I also felt it in my chin. The heat was too bad that I applied some water on my chin to just make it feel better. The company's doctor checked my heart beats, blood pressure which all were normal, then gave me lisinopril and took me to the hospital; in the hospital, they made ECG, Chest X-ray, blood tests, including heart enzymes, sugar, and minerals level all came back normal. and they attributed my symptoms to anxiety!!!! the heat was gone but I can still feel pain in my arms, where the heat ran at the beginning. this pain lasted for about 5 hours.

I started taking magnesium tablets, to relax, the heat episode came again on 18th December, and finally yesterday 24th January. however, the two last episodes were less pain and shorter.

I have been googling my problems but never reached any clear diagnosis. I have recently done many tests, like the stress test, Holter, echo, many blood tests all came back normal and that I have no problems in my heart.

I always experience needle and tingling in my arms especially the right arm, but the heat episodes are horrible. My question is could this be something related to nerves in my neck as I have straight in my neck according to MRI report done 3 years ago.

I would appreciate your help in advising me regarding this.


Hello Sara, yes it certainly could be related to your neck; the loss of lorosis as it's called means you've had an old cervical spine injury, probably a whiplash from an MVA, fall off a horse, or some such.

If you turn your head first to the right and simultaneously look up, and then the left, do you have any neck or arm pain.

But to both arms and the chin is unusual. Have a thyroid test, and perhaps parathyroid gland.

Does it feel as though it's coming from your neck or midback, or not really? What's your gut feel?

Long and the short of it, I'm not sure either.

Dr B

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