Burning pain down lower leg

by Dennis beylotte

Hi for the last 6 years I have had bad pain in my left lower leg and walking and standing for more than a min hurt very bad. I have been to a couple docs and the last one was willing to do spinal fusion on l4 and l5 but I cant get over the anziety in order to do the surgery,I am anti anziety zanax to help but I was told bt DR.Turner at MUSC he said he would have to make a 6 inch cut in my low back and this along with the recovery is freeking me out.

Please help me Dont know how to handle this,my chriopractor DR Bernie Miller helps but it still hurts like hell.

Hello Dennis,
Obviously it's difficult to make suggestions without knowing all the facts.

First let's establish that the pain is indeed a sciatica - irritated sciatic nerve. Sitting in a kitchen chair, straighten first the good leg parallel to the ground. Drop the leg, and now the naughty leg. What happens? Type "Slump Test" into the search this site function at C-H for more details.

Now, standing, slowly bend forwards, then backwards, then to the left side. What happens? Careful, this can aggravate the pain.

Thirdly, are you doing any back exercises EVERY DAY? Especially before getting out of bed in the morning. Type "lower back exercises" into the search function.

My last suggestion, relates to different techniques. Some chiros use activator, others traction, manipulation, Thompson drop... one might be better than another for your case. Perhaps, with all due respect to Dr Miller, go to another chiro.

Let me know the results of these little tests via this column.

Hope this has contributed.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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