Burning pain down front left thigh and into knee cap, numbness & weakness both legs

by Bill

Have already had spinal surgery L5-S1 fusion, multiple rhizotomies. Was told 5 years ago (the scan submitted are from back then) I had a stenosis. Things have gotten very bad very recently but I don't have newer scans to show. I'd imagine that if my spine looked bad enough 5 years ago, right now it would be a real mess. I see my doctor next week, then the pain specialist, then the neurosurgeon.

Hello Bill,
Just to be sure, let's rule out a hip problem they may be overlying your lumbar issues; hip arthritis typically radiates down the front of the knee, as does the L3 dermatome from your back, to the knee cap area.

Lie on your back and pull first your right knee to the chest, and then rotate the hip. Repeat with the naughty leg. Is there any significant difference? Any pain in the groin?

You certainly have lower back issues. Are you doing faithfully every morning any lower back exercises? I like them done before you get out of bed. Several times a day of course would be better still. They only take about two minutes; see them in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

Before yet another invasive surgery, how about a six week trial of chiropractic treatment for your lower back? No one is going to "cure" this, least of all the surgeon, but if chiropractic were to give you say 50% relief, would you be satisfied?

Inversion traction is another possibility if your blood pressure is good.

Let me know about the hip.

Dr B

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