Burning in left side tailbone, groin, upper leg worse when sitting

by Angel

I have a centrally herniated disc with an annular tear at l5-s1, broad based bulge into foraminal zone at l4-l5, and centrally herniated disc at l3-l4 with narrowing of the spinal canal. For 6 months I've had burning in groin, left buttock, tailbone, intermittent leg burning on left.

Given SI joint injections that did nothing but aggravate sciatic nerve, had to wait 7 weeks just for follow up which is next week.

I did chiropractic care for 3 months with not much help the only improvement was the groin pain became intermittent. Chiropractor thought my pelvis was misaligned, it was too expensive and not helping the burning so I have stopped.

All my pain management doc wants is to give me shots, I want a referral to neuro for an evaluation. I feel I have compressed nerves that would require surgical decompression. Any thoughts?

Also I was a dog groomer for several years; I tried to groom sitting to help my back but it ended with this burning sensation; I cannot sit or drive, even laying down hurts buttock and tailbone.

Hello Angel,
This doesn't sound like a sacroiliac problem which is why the SI injections, and chiropractic SI treatment hasn't helped. So I'm not surprised you have doubts about both.

If you have genuine tailbone pain, that first needs to be evaluated, but I doubt that's the cause of your problem. If you slide your finger down the buttock crease, is it very tender just before you reach the anus?

More likely it's the bulging disc in your mid lumbar spine; it affects the femoral nerve. Is you knee starting to give on the stairs?

I would start the basic simple exercises at Chiropractic Help; you'll find them in the navigation bar. But they are unlikely to fix this, but it will help your overall condition.

I'd have my doubts if I was you, but nevertheless I recommend you start hunting from an experienced and thorough chiropractor in your area. Talk to friends and family, and even your doctor.

An opinion from a neurologist certainly wouldn't be a bad idea, but I consider a different chiropractor before surgery. Ask if you can go for an examination only. Based on your gut feeling, and whether you have been properly examined, only then go for treatment. Take your husband with you.

Six months is a long time to have suffered with this. Too long.

Dr B

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