Burning buttock deep ache leg tightness burning shin and lateral lower leg

by Sonia
(Vancouver, British Columbia Canada )

Pain in buttock right side, deep groin pain, hamstring tightness, burning lower leg shin and lateral lower leg. I was going to a chiropractor to treat my hip issue and he did ART of my iliopsoas muscle then I went dancing in heels for 5hours a few days later.

For three 3 years now I've had severe pain. Unable to exercise without pain. I tried a chiropractor but it caused burning in my spine with twisting adjustments.

Tried physio, acupuncture and trigger points, right side is mostly all my issues. Myofascial pain vs piriformis? Negative Mri.

Also right labral hip tear dx 6 years ago? Are these related and what do you suggest?

Thank your for writing, Sonia, because this raises several issues that will be important to all readers.

Firstly, the good news is that the MRI is negative. That makes a huge difference and means real healing is possible; the downside is that you've had this for three years; that means you have chronic inflammation and this has to be treated from different perspectives; chiropractic, or other, disciplined exercise regime, diet, and an acceptance that some activities are just not allowed; like using the vacuum cleaner, and running for example.

1. There are other types of chiropractic manipulation than twisting adjustments; look for someone who does Thompson drop or activator.

2. A disciplined set of exercises done every single day, we prefer them to be done before arising from your bed, is non-negotiable; you have to help yourself.

3. What you eat, or don't include may be central to inflammation in your body. Look up oleocanthal for example using the site search function at Chiropractic Help. Even if it does not provide the desired result, it will help your overall health.

4. Moving the deep freeze, the grand piano and turning mattresses must become history; examine your lifestyle and find out what aggravates the injury.

Is the Slump Test for Sciatica positive? Sit in a kitchen chair, flex your head onto your chest and then ask someone to straighten first your left leg, and then the naughty one; is it much tighter? Then you have to look to your lower back, and perhaps the sacroiliac joint as well.

All in all it's complex and what's good is that you are starting to think for yourself.

One last point, for you it's history, but for other readers very important. After a chiropractic adjustment the spine is vulnerable for a period. Dancing for five hours when you were suffering from these symptoms wasn't the smartest thing to have done. History; forget it.

I hope this contributes in some small way, Sonia.

Dr B

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