broken fibula in two places.

Soprt injury during gymnastics. Broken Fibula in two places. Ankle and below the knee. I am worried that i have ruptured ligaments. How do these heal if ruptured?



Hello Yaron,
It's not an unreasonable worry. When there's been enough force to break a bone, there's usually some damage at least to the ligaments in either the knee or ankle.

There's nothing much you can do until those bones have healed. You'll have to wait six weeks. Then what's needed is a careful, thorough examination of the knee and ankle.

And it often gets neglected. Bones heal quickly, ligaments take much longer.

What you can do is think nutrition. Either fatty fish, or freshly ground flax seed every day for the omega-3. Walnuts too. Crack your own. Maybe an omega-3 capsule. 1000mg -2000mg per day, not more.

Good luck, don't mope, injury happens to us all, the more so we challenge the boundaries. And overall people who exercise like you do are far more healthy.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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