Bilateral Sacralization of L5

by Leah
(California, United States)

I've had this condition for as long as I can remember. From what I understand, it is very common and something a person is born with. I started going to a chiropractor when I was 3 years old. About every month after being adjusted for as long as I can remember, I experience lower back pain. It's then that I know it's time to visit my chiropractor again, but I can't always afford it.

I recently moved and haven't found a new chiropractor yet using the activator that my previous chiropractor used, nor can I afford to see a chiropractor right now. I am in extreme pain and am looking for a permanent fix, if any.

I have pain at the base of my spine and to the right and left of the base. The lumbar area of my spine is also very sore. I often experience neck pain partly due from my lower back pain and partly due to tight shoulders. What should I do?

Should I get another x-ray since I haven't been x-rayed since I was four? I'm just tired of being young and feeling limited because I'm always in pain and always trying not to exert my back. It's difficult trying to live a healthy life when you can't even do simple exercises without being in pain.

Hello Leah,
There are two things that are good. Firstly that the sacralization is bilateral. It just means you have four lumbar vertebrae instead of the standard five. But it does mean each has to work about a fifth extra because of the fifth is fused to the sacrum.

Secondly, you make no mention of leg pain.

There is some research in fact suggesting that the sacralization is what we call an "incidental finding." In other words, it's there but has nothing to do with your pain. Frankly, I don't agree, but it's there.

I have three solutions to chronic lower back pain.

Firstly a disciplined set of lower back exercises that you'll find in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help, done every single morning before getting out of bed. And preferably at night, too. They take about two minutes.

Secondly, you have to accept that there are some things you just shouldn't do. You have to work them out, but never lift the grand piano and the deep freeze, for example. The vacuum cleaner is often a menace, as is prolonged sitting in a bad chair.

And thirdly an occasional but regular visit to a chiropractor you trust. Perhaps, every 4-8 weeks, or something like that. You just have to budget it into your life.

Changing chiropractors now is going to be problematic. See our find a good chiropractor page.

And yes, perhaps a new xray, taking standing, is perhaps a good idea. Ask if you have a short leg because sometimes a simple, inexpensive lift in the shoe can make a huge difference.

Get started with those exercises. Daily. Every day, without missing. I do them myself.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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