Bilateral pain in hip and pelvis area for 10 years

by Tina
(Alabama USA)

Bilateral pain in hip and pelvis area for 10 years will be problematic.

Hello. I am a 46 year old Woman, 5'1", about 130 lbs and I have had severe pain in my hip / pelvis area for about 10 years now. It started gradually, just annoying at first, but has gotten progressively worse, until now , it's almost a daily occurrence.
The pain is deep in the front of my pelvis, located along and under the pelvic (iliac crest ?) bone. It usually wakes me up at night, as an aching feeling, and when I stand up, to use the bathroom, or get a drink, it starts to feel like a charlie horse, is the only way I can explain it. It is excruciating. Then the pain starts radiating down the front of my thighs, about down to my knees's. That pain is just as bad as the hip / pelvic pain. I also have low back pain, but not anything I can't deal with.
I've had MRI's that show some disc degeneration in my lower discs with some bulging, but the Orthopedic Dr. says it shouldn't be causing the pain.
I've been cleared by my Ob/Gyn. as far as it being anything gynecological.
I've had a nerve conduction test, with came back good. I've had multiple lumbar epidurals, an R.F. Ablation, and Trigger point injections, all with no relief.
I have done P.T. Bought a personal TENS machine, and when the pain hits, will do almost anything to make it stop, it is that bad.
I'm not supposed to take NSAIDS because of 2 bouts of colitis, and they don't help much anyway, neither do muscle relaxers, hot tubs or hot baths with Epson salts, I am at my wits end and so are my Dr.'s.
If you have any advice or input, I would appreciate hearing it.
Thank you for your time, Tina.

Hello Tina,
Would you do some tests for me please and report as accurately as you can on ALL of them. Do them one by one, writing down the result immediately. A half hearted reply will get you a half hearted answer. Do them off all NSAID or other analgesics for 24 hours.

1. Bend slowly forwards, then backwards and then to the side. Precisely what do you feel and where?

2. Lying on your back, pull each knee to the chest, towards the opposite shoulder and then drop it into the lotus position. Are either particularly stiff or painful? Where? I take it hip xrays have been taken and are normal. Correct?

3. Now roll onto your tum, bend one knee and ask a friend to lift the knee, extending the hip. What do you feel in the front of the thigh. Repeat with the other knee.

4. Sitting, put a little oil on your thumb and then run it from the iliac crest, through the ASIS (do a bit on google), through the groin and down the inner thigh towards the knee. Is it inordinately tender? Compare legs.

5. Using a needle, prick both thighs comparing the sensation. Include the side of the leg. Is there numbness or hypersensitivity?

Is there anything you know you mustn't do because it will immediately provoke the pain?

Keep to this thread please. Accurate answers are needed.

Dr B

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