bilateral hip dysplasia

by stephanie

So I was recently told I had a pelvic upslip. Then after another examination I was told after my fall on my right butt/ cheek that I only had bruising and sprains. That the reason I still am in pain is I have bilateral hip dysplasia. I have never had problems with my hips before this fall and I am 30 yrs old, healthy and moderatly active, my job was a server in restaurant. Could you tell me if I would have had hip dysplasia and never had a single symptom until I fell.

Thank you

Hello Stephanie,

All conditions come in a mild, moderate and severe forms. So, you could have mildly raised blood pressure, or life threatening BP.

So, yes, a mild hip dysplasia could have gone undetected at birth - there are some very specific tests that both your paediatrian and your chiropractor would have done.

Either someone slipped up, or you have a mild form that wouldn't be detected by the characteristic "thunk" when the hips were mobilised. Ask your mother, did she hear funny sounds from your hips when changing your diaper?

An aside: This is hereditary. Have your children carefully checked out now. They could have a more serious form.

In all likelihood, the hip dysplasia is what we call an "incidental finding". In other words, you have the condition, but it has nothing to do with your current problem.

Where is your pain? Hip dysplasia pain is primarily in the groin, and the muscles running down the inner thigh are very tender.

Rotate your hips. Do you get unusual sounds, pain, discomfort? With hip dysplasia, the range of motion of the hips is INCREASED. But if you don't do something about it, ask your chiropractor, then it has a tendency to become arthritic. The range of motion gradually DECREASES, and then becomes very stiff and painful. Does granny have hip problems? Your mother or father?

You haven't said where the pain is, but in a fall on the butt, I suppose on the ice, you probably have a subluxated sacrum, and it has nothing to do with the dysplasia. Probably.

Do some homework, and find a local chiro who specialises in treatment of the pelvis and hips. And get some exercises.

Never heard of a pelvic "upslip".

Please send me a copy of the X-ray of your pelvis, for the site. Others will be interested. If it's on plain film, stick it up on a window with the sky behind, and take a digi photo. Send it to me. Thanks.

I hope this has contributed.

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Feb 21, 2011
hip dysplasia
by: stephanie

I just thought I would answer some of those questions,my mother never heard any noises when my hips where being moved as a kid. Nor have I ever heard any thunk, clink,or click noise when my hips moved prior to this fall.

My pain is not in the groin area it is in my low back, hip, and outer thigh down my leg to my knee.

My left leg is 3 inches shorter then the right one. Mind you when I fell on my butt I fell on my left butt check. I do have some tenderness on the inside of my thighs, but only every once in awile.

Hello again, Stephanie,

Then your hip dysplasia is certainly an incidental finding, but perhaps that fall may be a blessing in disguise. Otherwise you would never have known you had the condition, you can exercise it to prevent future arthritis, and have your children checked.

You almost certainly have a back / sacroiliac condition. See a Chiropractor, it's what we specialise in. And get some exercises for your hips.

I hope this has contributed. I'd like to see the X-rays if you can get them into a digital format.

Dr B.

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