Before and after THR severe pain in front and side of lower leg. Femoral nerve?

by Tricia
(United Kingdom)

Since my surgery, the pain in my lower leg is excruciating. Sometimes the pain shoots through my lower leg without my doing any movement at all. Often it pulses at five second intervals and sometimes it is there all the time but at a lower level with the pain centered mainly in the middle of my shin bone.

I do not get much sleep.

I have noticed that my high inner thigh is tender to the touch and if I press firmly, the pain in my lower leg stops. Generally I do not get pain when standing or when I am doing my post operative exercises.

I had an MRI scan on my spine pre THR that did not show much wrong and I was referred back to my orthopaedic consultant. I do get pain in my back below my waistline but that could be from having to lie on my back to sleep.

Hello Tricia,
My apologies for the delay in answering. When was the surgery done?

I have never heard of THR, not does Google recognise the term.

Did you have leg pain pre-surgery?

It sounds like a branch of the femoral nerve has been damaged. If it is only irritated then you may get pain and perhaps tingling.

The thing to look out for is weakness at the knee; then the nerve root as actually been damaged causing what is known as paresis; the muscle will start to waste.

If the surgery was in the last few months, then my advice is to press on with the exercises, being careful with bending and twisting and going to the physiotherapist that the surgeon recommends.

If it has been six months or more then you could certainly consult a chiropractor for an opinion. Take the scans with you.

I cannot stress enough the importance of doing lower back exercises every single morning before getting out of bed, and repeating several times during the day if you are getting a lot of pain.

Keep looking out for weakness of the quadriceps muscle; the knee will start to buckle on the stairs. You must let the surgeon know immediately.

I wish I could be more cheerful and helpful. You are in a difficult place.

Dr B

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Aug 25, 2019

by: Barrie

Hello Tricia,
Oh, of course! I was thinking of lumbar surgery.

It is of course major surgery; for the present you need to stay in the medical domain.

Seeing you are able to stand normally it doesn't sound like the prosthesis itself, but damage to soft tissue or nerves.

Quite possibly self limiting, but obviously unable to examine you, I can't really comment.

Your orthopaedic surgeon will advise. Let us know in another month what transpires.

Dr Barrie Lewis DC

Aug 20, 2019
by: Tricia

My reply. THR is total hip replacement - sorry should have said. Surgery was just under four weeks ago.

I'm slow, sorry!

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