Back pain to the groin mainly

Maignes syndrome referral pattern

Maignes syndrome referral pattern

Back pain to the groin mainly

I attempted to lift heavy chemical vat in July. It remained on the ground but I felt my upper body lift then fall and a sickening sensation followed, but no pain as such. I continued moving around, sweeping, walking etc., for about two weeks then severe pain in lower right side of back, just above the buttocks, outside thigh and knee arose.

I can't sit or walk much. Its painful to lie flat on my face or back, mainly in groin area.

I am having deep tissue and clinical massage, plus paracetamol. There is some improvement but do I need further investigation - I have not seen a doctor?

Hello Kate,
It's more than three months, so yes, I do think you should see the doctor of your choice. That could be your medical doctor, or a chiropractor.

Obviously I'm guessing but it sounds like a pinched Femoral nerve but it could also be a condition called Maignes syndrome which also radiates to the groin.

Two things to lookout for:

1. Is your leg going numb. Prick it with a pin and compare with your other leg.

2. Is the Quadriceps muscle in the front of the thigh going weak. Bounce on your knee, first with the good leg, then the naughty leg. Weaker?

You need to be careful now with lifting, bending and things like sweeping - bending and twisting.

Can you get treatment paid because you were injured on duty?

I sense that whilst it's a bit better, you are still very sore and disabled. See someone.

Dr B

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Nov 06, 2013
Your Response to Kate
by: V Ayalur

Dr. B,

I really appreciate the way you responded to Kate and it really tells a lot about you as a good professional.


[Thanks Venka, just made my day!]

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