Back pain and leg numbness

Middle and lower back pain, numbness in legs and tingling in hands. Strange feeling like something is leaking down my back and left leg. More images

Clinically there is far too little information to make even an informed guess. Do you have neck pain, is there a history of trauma. Weight loss, abdominal pain?

Nothing in the lower back ( the only X-rays) would be likely to cause the numbness and tingling in your hands.

Do movements of the back increase the back pain and/or leg pain?

I am not a qualified radiologist but there appears to be sclerotic changes in the right sacro-iliac joint and a Pincer deformity in the right hip. Any groin pain or difficulty walking?

It's never wise to make pronouncements on what's seen at the edges of a film, but I'd like to see more detailed X-rays at the thoraco-lumbar junction. Is the numbness and tingling at the back of the legs, or the front and side of the legs? Groin?

All in all, I'm really not sure. More information is needed, both clinical and further X-rays of the neck and T/L junction. The above is really speculative. I am unable to comment on the abdominal scans shown at blogspot - quite unqualified in that domain.

Sorry, I fear I have contributed little.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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Dec 01, 2011
regarding the numbness and....
by: image provider

You asked about the numbness, groin and neck pain.
The numbness and tingling is all over the legs but I have a cold sensation at the outer side of the left thigh and I have 2 times got weird muscle spams close to the knee. Not groin pain but sometimes dull pain around the pubic bone.
No pain in the neck, just these clicking sounds. Occasionally facial numbness.
Thanks again:)

Dr. Barrie Lewis Dr. Barrie Lewis

What's needed is a careful and thorough chiropractic examination. Your jaw joint, the range of motion of the hips, the Si joints, the rib joints...

Dr. Barrie Lewis

Dec 01, 2011
More informations
by: Image provider

Hi Dr B.
First, thank you so much for your informations.

There is a history of trauma to the middle back 15 years ago (fell of a horse). After the accident I have always been sore in the middle of the back.

The lower back and pelvic pain started when pregnant 2 years ago but seamed to heal after birth.

9 months ago sudden chest pain in the center of the chest and breathing problems.

7 months ago I got an instant pain in the lower back, got swollen and could feel lumps and bumps. The mornings where horrible. I lost a lot of weight but was eating more. Bending and lifting is what makes it worse. Also pressure, than it gets all swollen and light colored bruises can appear.
The ribs also started to click a lot when moving and sharp stabbing pain in the lower ribs. Yes lower abdomen pain.
I need to check my web-page, there is suppose to be on the first page a video with CT images of the lumbar spine.
Thanks again:)

Dr. Barrie Lewis Dr. Barrie Lewis

Hello again,
Making suggested diagnoses without examination is a hazardous business! But a few thoughts:

* Unexplained weight loss ALWAYS needs to be followed up. Perhaps due to pain, but one should not assume that.

* It sounds like that midback injury may have set you up for a costo-chondral syndrome, sometimes called Tietze's syndrome. It responds well to the correct chiropractic treatment, BUT NEVER LET ANYONE MANIPULATE YOU HARD IN THE MIDBACK, POSTERIOR TO ANTERIOR. It will aggravate the rib pain.

* The side of the leg is affected by the mid-to-upper lumbar spine where I thought there may be some changes on your X-rays. It can be a Meralgia Paresthetica or a Femoral nerve root lesion.
Plug all thesse terms into the Search this site function at C-H for more explanation.

* Everything needs to be considered in the light of the abdominal pain.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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