Any ideas on my strange groin thigh hip pain?

by Lonnie
(Vancouver BC)

I have inner groin up close to pelvic crease pain. Like a trapped nerve or tendon. Upper thigh pain on same leg. Not able to do straight leg raise unless I have a lacrosse ball applying pressure on my piriformis.

This pain makes it difficult to bend over and touch my toes on my affected side and pain and weakness when trying to do lunges. Sometimes there is a pain in my outer lower leg like a twisting feeling.

Often there is pain in the pirformis as well. I have done all kinds of treatment with physio, chiro and neuro kinetic. Strange thing is when I do heavy barbell back squats there is no pain and it relieves the pain a bit. I use a foam roller and lacrosse ball to release my groin pain, thigh pain and the referred hip pain.

I also use the ball to trigger my psoas. Nothing is really working and I have had this for two years. Marginally better in the last six months but I still can't walk for more than a block without my back seizing on both sides of the lower back. Any ideas?

Hello Lonnie,
You're not going to like my suggestions but I think it's important; you have to stop all that heavy exercise until this heals. You are simply reinjuring the tissue - whatever it is - before it gets a chance to knit.

The alternative is pain for life, pills, threat of operations and huge expense. You've got to go back to square one, and yes, I know it's not easy. But the alternative is too ghastly to contemplate.

Ask one of your gurus for some SIMPLE exercises and do them faithfully every morning before getting out of bed, and at night, and perhaps in the day too. You'll find some in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

The real question is whether the groin pain is referred from your back or sacroiliac joint, or whether it's primarily a hip condition; and perhaps one of the hip flexor muscles.

Do you have a family history of hip conditions?

Lie on your back and pull your knee to the chest, towards the opposite shoulder and then make a circle. Compare with the other hip. Is it restricted or painful in the groin. Drop the knee into the lotus position; what happens? Have you had an xray of your pelvis?

My best suggestion is to start a hunt for a chiropractor who is strong on a thorough examination. Despite all the treatment you've had, there's no certainly about the diagnosis, so little wonder that treatment hasn't been successful.
Then there are a host of lower back and sacroiliac conditions that can refer pain to the groin and anterior thigh via the femoral nerve or superior cluneal nerves.

Back to square one gentle exercises and a thorough examination is my recommendation. Obviously I haven't a clue and am only throwing out a few thoughts; treat them in that light.

Dr B

» Any ideas on my strange groin thigh hip pain?

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