anterior tibialis muscle is numb

by Cami
(Surprise, AZ USA)

1st Symptom was numbness of the anterior tibialis muscle on my right leg on 7-3-2015.

Out of the country for 10 days. 1st treatment 7-27-2015.
Osteopath had x-rays (showed no arthritis etc.) and MRI.
Impression of MRI:
Alignment acceptable. Lumbar spondylosis mild facet arthropathy suggested at the L4/5 level. Of note: L4/5 level broad-based and lateralizing disc bulge eccentric to the left, coupled with facet hypertrophy, which results in mild to moderate left foraminal stenosis with near contact with the exiting left nerve root.

No back pain, only noticeable symptom was the numb anterior tibialis muscle and a slight feeling of less sensation in my big toe.

4 treatments with an Osteopath minimal improvement.
Told me to return if I had leg pain.

Started seeing a Chiropractor who practiced ART (Active Release Technique) I've had 6 visits with manipulations,
ART, Graston technique to break up the scar tissue in the muscle. Not a lot of change in my symptoms.

I am 62, 5'3, 102 lbs and very active with tennis etc.

I was told to resume activities and am having no problem. The ATM is still numb and feels hot to the touch after exercise. I have felt a mild low back ache the next day after tennis.

I have been heating & icing the muscle x 2 a day
5 min/ 5 min / 5 min then finishing with 10 min ice.

I have been doing some stretching with a foam roller and exercises but not seen a lot of improvement.

I would like to get all the feeling back in my ATM.

I just ordered athletic compression sleeves to wear while playing tennis.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Cami,
The big question is whether this is primarily a nerve or a muscle problem. The scan points to a bulge on the left side so, unless the radiologist made a mistake which is unlikely, but it does happen, this can be discounted to some extent.

Did the chiropractor or osteopath find any weakness of the anterior tibialis? Standing on your right leg, can you raise the big toe side of your foot?

Was there any loss of reflex?

Two tests please:
1. Bend slowly forwards, then backwards and then to the side. Do any of these movements cause tightness, pain, or numbness, or tingling in your right lower leg?

2. Using the site search function, type in slump test for sciatica. What happens when you do the test>

Let me know, and we'll take this further. Keep to the same thread.

Dr B

» anterior tibialis muscle is numb

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