Annoying tingling in legs, inability to sit for too long, stiffness when getting up

by Teresa
(Canberra, Australia)

I have a problem with my L5/S1, most doctors would send me off for a spinal fusion. I manage to live a fairly normal life (no running) after months of acupuncture about 3 years ago.

Recently I have had tingling and numbness in both arms, inability to grip, numbness in pointer finger left hand and middle finger right hand.

Now back problems, stiffness, pain, dreadful tingling and annoying pain. I have gained weight and seem to have a reaction to sugar - neither help the back pain.

I'm nervous to see a Chiro since I have a great fear of lower back adjustments after years of regular chiro treatment during my martial arts training days. Chiro was 3 times a week and the back was clicked/cracked into place followed by immense stiffness and the need to walk for 20 mins before sitting down to drive away.

I'm comfortable with massage and acupuncture but am interested to know if would benefit from a chiro consult and are there practitioners who do not use the type of treatment that would shock my nerves. They are overworked at the moment.

Hello Teresa,
It's speculation on my part obviously, but it seems that you may have been "over manipulated". Just as taking too many drugs is not healthy, neither is too much manipulation. The difficulty is "what is too much"?
Plus, if you had to wait 20min before being able to drive away...

The fact that those symptoms are in both hands, different fingers, does suggest that a careful examination and evaluation is necessary.

I would recommend you do some homework. Start looking for a chiro who is not going to over manipulate you, give you exercises instead of a three times a week programme. Did you have to sell your house?!!

Sorry, my sense of the absurd is getting away from me. There is a chiropractor out there who will help you, but you are going to have to hunt for and find him.

It's absolutely fine and normal to ask for a consultation WITHOUT treatment. You then go home and decide if this is a person you want to treat you. If not, move on to another chiropractor. Yes, a pain, but like buying a new bed, you want to try a few out.

The median nerve passes between two branches of a muscle in the forearm (pronator teres). Do you have deep tenderness in the lower arm? Carpal tunnel is another consideration.

No easy answers. Let me know how you get on.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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