Ankle/foot injury

by Marcey

I was returning a serve in tennis. I leaped out to get to the ball and landed on the outside of my right foot. I heard a crunch or pop-like sound and I stumbled to catch my balance. It has been about 5 weeks since that has occurred.

I have pain near the navicular bone in my foot. The pain increases with activity and decreases with rest. I have iced, rested, compressed, and elevated it. Certain movements of the ankle cause shooting pain. A bit after activity it throbs and is a very nagging and aggravating pain. My ankle is limited in motion as I try to move it in a circle counter clockwise. I can move it fine clockwise however.

What kind of injury do you think that I am looking at here? I had an x-ray done after 4 weeks and it came back negative for fracture. I am just a little confused.

Not at all confusing, Marcey. Nice name, my aunts too!

You have subluxated either the ankle mortice joint or one of the subtalar joints (would be my guess). It causes incredibly sharp pain.

Assuming nothing was missed on X-ray (fracture can only be seen on CT sometimes), this is usually a fairly straight-forward problem. Depending on whether ligaments were torn at the same time. Was there bruising?

Look for a chiro who works with feet. Many chiros only work with the spine. When in doubt, phone your state association and ask for the name of a chiro with a FICS qualification. Sports chiropractic.

good luck,

Dr B

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