Ankle sprain

I was playing basketball and I took a wrong turn, and rolled my ankle. Now I have this huge bruise sticking out that's literally where my bone that's off to the side is. I can walk on my ankle only a bit before the pain kicks in, and I can't even walk down the steps at all. It's been two days and I haven't see a doctor. Should I?

Hello Akuluel,
Yes, you should. There probably isn't a fracture but it's always possible and a myth that if you can walk on it that nothing is broken.

Meantime, ice it several times a day, keep it elevated as much as you can, use crutches and start our ankle alphabet exercises. Get a crepe bandage, and strap it tightly, going from medial to lateral under the foot.

The sharp pain on weight bearing is usually from a talus subluxation and that will need to be reduced by a chiropractor who works with feet and ankles; it's not difficult, and very important.

Take it seriously; a badly sprained ankle can be worse than a fracture. Ligaments have no blood supply.

Dr B

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