Torn ankle ligament three months ago

X-ray of the ankle

X-ray of the ankle

I was playing netball that day and when I jumped high and landed, my left ankle sprained and became swollen. So for days I rested and it got better so after almost one week, there was another match scheduled so i decided to take part in it assuming my injury got better.

But that day again when I jumped up high and landed my other ankle sprained. This time it was much more painful than the other ankle. I couldn’t even lift my body up and i had to use the help of another player. I rested for a day and applied ice as well but my pain didn’t get any better. There was this blue/black colored stuff between my skin and the muscle too as in the picture used in this article.

And so I consulted an orthopedic surgeon and he indicated that there was a huge ligament tear so I would need to have a cast for at least 1 month.

Then I put the cast and when I removed it after 21 days there was little pain but I could (not?) press my feet against the ground.

For 5 days i did physiotherapy but the swollen ankle got bad and started to pain again, so I stopped going for physiotherapy. Due to the location where I live I had to walk a lot to reach my office too and I had to use all my leave for the plastered period so there is no other way I can get rest. This ligament tear happened four months ago and I am still in this suffering and most of all there is way I could start playing again.

Hello Saaima,
I'm afraid there's no possibility of sport right now. It was a serious mistake not to listen to your doctor; at least a month means thirty days or more, and that was conservative. It takes at least six weeks for ligaments to heal.

I'm afraid it's back to the surgeon for you; hat in hand, telling him you took the caste off early.

If no xrays were taken, then I would recommend that, just to be sure nothing was also broken.

Start the alphabet exercises several times a day; sitting on a high chair, with your foot off the ground, paint each of the letters of the alphabet in the air in front of you; get through all 26 at least every day.

Without being able to examine you, there's nothing else I have to offer; see that doctor. Soon.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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Fell and injured both ankles YEARS ago and never treated. Now, knees hips, and all surrounding pelvic pain.

by Ima
(Washington State)

Constant pain in ankles and outer leg and up just past knees, as well as hips, buttock, pelvis (sacroiliac). I'm unable to stand more than 10 to 15 minutes without searching for a seat. But a few minutes and... I can't walk an entire block, even laying down too long is painful. Legs etc throb day and night. I'm awakened several times crying in pain. Tossing and turning.

I've lost so much mobility, that I've gained over 50 lbs, which keeps me from living anything resembling life. Shoulders also burn just behind shoulder blades and further up I to my neck. Stiffness everywhere. My feet and ankles ache just propped (knees bent so bearing lower leg weight on my feet) in bed to read.

Desperate need to know what to do, and where to begin.

I have size 6 feet, with extremely high arches. Broke left foot 2x. Sprained and twisted another 5x. Right foot sprained and twisted 5x. Last time was 2008 and hurt both at same time. With a loud painful pop on outer right calf. Was unable to walk for months. Didn't have any medical, so...

Is this now permanent due to my lack of medical attention/ treatment?

Sorry to be so lengthy. Butt believe it that I'm cutting it short.

Hello Ima,
You're between a rock and hard place. Clearly what's needed is a careful and thorough examination; what is the main cause of all these pains?

That could be something simple, like a short leg, which makes standing very uncomfortable, but it could be that you have major arthritis now in your ankles, or hips.

The second step is to get those 50 pounds off; otherwise it's the wheelchair for you. Difficult as it is, you really have no option; the way to do it is to find out about the meaning of the term glycemic index, and to cut out ALL glycemic carbs.

The way I see it is that by having no medical you've been pocketing hundreds of dollars every month that should have been earmarked for your health. Now it's time to prize them loose from where you've invested them, and put them towards the purpose they were meant for.

Think about swimming every day.

Good luck, Ima, tough choices, I know.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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Ankle injured or twisted?

Diagram of ankle anatomy

Diagram of ankle anatomy

I am 12 but turned 13 a couple of weeks ago and I have this very loud clicking noise that sounds like a crack but it's like the joint moves out and in sound on the front of my foot next to my ankle.

My grandma said that I twisted it but it's not that painful; only after I run around a lot it has a very small unnoticeable bump on the front.

I'm not really sure what this very loud clicking noise is and it only happens when i shake my foot or move it up and down it gets small cuts or bruises easily though.

I hope you can help.

Hello Zara,
I very clear description, well done. Generally we don't get too fussed about non painful clicking sounds from the ankle, but this does sound like something more.

Is there no pain at all?

Is sounds like the ankle mortise joint, or the subtalar joint is subluxating, and causing the crack.

Using the search function at chiropractic Help, find our alphabet exercises, and do them for a week or two several times a day. If it doesn't help, then I'm afraid you'd better ask your folks to make an appointment with a professional to check it out. Let me know how you get on.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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Weak ankles and knees and hips

Diagram of ankle anatomy

Diagram of ankle anatomy

I think my problems began when I twisted my ankles and never went to my doctor. But before that I started to have pain in my knee with swelling and redness. I have been in pain for 15 years with doctors not giving me proper answers.

My ankles are so weak. I use orthotics. My knees are inverted and 2 of my discs are degenerating. My flutes and buttocks are always tight and sore. I'm in pain all the time. I'm only 36 and don't want to be like this forever.

Of course you don't want to be like that for ever, Peely. But obviously some for intervention is very necessary.

The feet and ankles are the foundation of everything above that. When they start to misbehave, then the knees, hips, sacroiliac joints and lower back all begin to complain in sympathy.

I recommend you start looking for a chiropractor who specialises in the feet.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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Everything since fracturing my ankle.

by Ramey
(Kansas City MO)

When I was one I suffered a traumatic brain injury which caused chronic ear infections and balance problems among many other issues. In april 2007 I broke my ankle and Truman Medical Centers refused to x-ray it. In 2010 Truman Medical Centers manipulated my mother into making me homeless so I couldn't sue the hospital for malpractice.

In 2014 I was approved for Disability based on a broken ankle, ear infection, eczema and nearsightedness. For nine years I have attempted to get treatment to repair my broken ankle and have been denied even with insurance.

About an hour ago I got up from a sitting position and pain shot out from both sides of my lower spine, up and down my spine as well.

Now when I bend down I'm not sure if I will get back up and I have trouble breathing when the pain is really severe. Is it possibly connected to the untreated injury and the stress that comes with it?

Hello Ramey,
Yes, a fractured ankle can change your gait, particularly if untreated, and that can certainly cause lower back and pelvic pain. The obvious question though, is why now after so many years?

You've been dealt a very difficult hand, Ramey, but you're not the first. Just read the inspiring story of Helen Keller.

Your case is so involved, and legal questions abound, so it would be foolish of me to speculate, particularly since I cannot examine you and your records.

Like the rest of us, pray, and forgive those who have mistreated you, eat as healthily as you can, take regular exercise and look forward to tomorrow. I know it sounds trite, and probably is. I'm sorry.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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