ankle pain

Ankle okay to stand on but, hurts to bend ankle to walk.It started when I got cellulitis in my right ankle. the cellulitis healed but,pain still stayed on and off. Now it hurts all the time.Stared about 2 weeks ago. Ankle swollen a little bit. Thanks MG

Hello MG,
Since moving the ankle when walking is painful, I'd be considering a joint problem in the ankle mortice, or a musclar pain.

The cellulitis would have caused some oedema in the joints too causing pain with walking.

Infection needs to be considered too, especially if the ankle starts to throb.

Frankly I'm unable to be sure if this is a medical or chiropractic problem. I'd consider the opinions of both.

Obviously cellulitis can be a relatively serious problem, and the underlying causes need to be addressed. Diabetic? Overweight? Smoker? Cholesterol? Trauma? Take your doctor's advice seriously.

Dr b

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