Achy pain in hip, back, and down legs

by Sarah

Slump test for sciatica

Slump test for sciatica

Hi Doctor,

I am a college runner, and I have this toothachy pain going from my butt, down my ilio tibial band, and to my ankle. It is never shooting or a sharp pain. I also feel it in my back sometimes. I have had this pain for almost a year, and I ceased running for a year, but the pain still has not gone away. I have gotten two MRIS, on my left hip and lower back, but there was nothing. I also went to three orthopedic doctors, both who did not find anything. One of time thought that I might have depression. I also did three months of physical therapy to no avail. I feel the pain when I'm running, sometimes when I'm sitting, but for the most part it is quite spontaneous. There is no exact location or "trigger point;" it is just in the general locations I mentioned. The pain is mainly on my left side. Do you have any insight into what this is?

Thank you very much.

Hello Sarah,
In the heading you said the pain is radiating down your legs, plural. There is indeed real concern.

However in the narrative you only mention the left leg.

Firstly, using the term ITB is likely to be confusing the issue; it won't radiate to the ankle and is not the primary problem.

ITB stretches, being such a long muscle, tend to be hard on the lower back, and I wouldn't do them at this stage.

I would be considering primarily either a sacroiliac joint syndrome, or from the lumbar spine.

To start with, would you do two tests for me and let me know EXACTLY what you feel.

1. Bend slowly forwards, then backwards and then to each side; report exactly what you feel and where for these four separate movements.

2. Using the search function in the navigation bar, type in Slump test for sciatica. You'll need a helper. Report as accurately as you can what you feel.

I take the three surgeons found no sensory change in your legs, the reflexes are intact, and there is no "paresis." Specific weakness; can you raise your big toe for example?

Let me know the results, keeping to this thread.

Dr B

» Achy pain in hip, back, and down legs

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