Aching back in 8 year old female

by Belinda

Aching back in 8 year old female (for last 10 months) also mid back loss of sensation.

My daughter has been complaining of a 'bad back' for some time. She particularly complains at night time and finds it difficult to get off to sleep as she cannot get comfortable. She said her bed was not comfy so we threw out her old matress and bought a new memory foam one for her in December 2012.

The back ache continues. She came downstairs the other night again and i asked her to show me exactly where it hurts- it soon became quite apparent that there is a section of her mid back that is numb or certainly has a loss of sensation. She says its there during the day but she just 'lives with it' but at night it's most troublesome. We have a paediatric appointment scheduled next week and there is talk of an MRI scan?

I feel terrible as I have not taken this more seriously before now. The GP said her symptoms are not consistent with simply a trapped nerve.

Obviously I now know there could be more sinister reasons for these symptoms but equally would like some re assurance that it could also be something less serious and easily resolvable? Have you come across this before?

Hello Belinda,
You are following the right course of action. Night pain IS more worrying, and especially in such a young girl.

No point loading guilt upon yourself, it's fixed in concrete, it's only the future you can change. Easy to say, but castigating yourself is only likely to produce a second problem, perhaps even more serious - yours.

Wait for all the tests. You're assuming the worst, and it's only occasionally that things are as bad as they seem.

Let me know once you have the diagnosis, and perhaps I can help with some exercises.

God bless, sterkte! Let us know.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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