Absolutely amazing! I can't believe I didn't do it sooner.

by D.
(West Virginia)

I wrenched my back and neck slipping in deep mud during a fast warmup after a big snowfall. I should have let my self fall. I'm a large woman and even though I caught myself, my weight continued to twist me. I rested and took ibuprofen for several days in hopes I had just pulled my muscles. The pain was annoying, my neck and shoulders hurt and when standing I felt like I had an icepick in my butt next to my spine. Needless to say I did less and less. I found that I could only stand for 5-10 minutes at a time before I needed to sit down. I just dealt with it.

On a whim (a year later) I went into a chiropractic office. The chiropractor was great; professional, knowledgeable, friendly and non-judgemental about my size. He adjusted the left side of my neck, right side of my neck, my middle back, in between my shoulder blades and popped both of hips. He said I would probably hate him in the morning because I would be really sore. As soon I got up off the table there was an immediate fix, 90 percent in my particular case. I felt better right away.

It was absolutely amazing, I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. I had a scheduled acupuncture appointment immediately after and then went home and took ibuprofen, hydrated and rested. It was amazing, I was not sore at all, I could standup straight, I could walk better, and I could stand for more than 10 minutes. I went from constant pain to almost no pain. Absolutely amazing! I still had some of the icepick pain. I gave it two weeks to see if it would work itself out.

I went back for a second adjustment. He again did both sides of my neck and upper back again and tried to adjust my hip/tail bone spot several times. I was sore after that adjustment from the force of it and also since that area has been sore for a year. Because the chiropractic table is small, I have a hard time relaxing enough for him to completely align that area. I tend to resist, because of my size and the table being narrow I feel like I might fall off the table. Anyway, the second adjust did help and got rid of the stabbing icepick pain. It is now just a dull pain. So now I'm about 95 percent fixed. I'm more mobile now, I've started exercising again and I'm losing weight to help and get into better shape. I'm also doing stretching exercises that he told me to do to help that area.

I will be going back for another adjustment or two. I'm hoping this next adjustment will completely solve the problem. I feel that if I could just relax enough, he could pop that last little spot.

Lovely post, D. Stay with the program and those exercises. Buy your chiropractor a nice bottle or red wine, or raw honey, or something; he's obviously made a big difference to your life.

Dr B

Dr B

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