Obviously we can't put every or any chiropractic or medical clinic or website on our related links page. This is a world-wide site, so local clinics are not included.

So I choose those that may be of interest to a significant number of people.

In particular, we are interested in other sites that add more depth to topics that are highlighted at Chiropractic Help.

And topics of importance that are not covered at this site. Like mesothelioma and reflex sympathetic dystrophy for example.

Because lower back and leg pain and the various head neck pain syndromes that radiate to the arm, like carpal tunnel syndrome; and femoral nerve damage are our core concern, preference will be given to those related links.

  • ... Better health worx was created to help people searching for an alternative to modern day medicines and medical procedures to free themselves from sickness and disease, free themselves from prescription drugs and find new and natural ways to re-energise their body.

  • Chronic back pain is usually defined as pain that you have had for more than three months, that has been evaluated, and has not relieved by adequate treatment. This type of pain is often caused by a combination of factors.

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