Clarkes Test

Clarkes test is used to diagnose a degenerative condition called Chondromalacia of the very thick hyaline cartilage under the knee cap.

(of course actually Clarke's test)

Clarke's test is for fluid and crepitus in the knee.

Your chiropractor will place his hand over your patella, press gently downwards and towards your foot.

Now, very gently, (may I repeat this?) contract your Quadriceps, the large thigh muscle. When this test is positive it may be extremely painful. The kneecap is forced up and over the groove in the femur.

If there is degenerative change on either side - the femur or the patella - then you will feel a grinding sensation, and sometimes extreme pain.

Done artfully, Clarke's test is very useful for the diagnosis of a condition called Patello Femoral Pain Syndrome which responds magnificently to chiropractic care.

Even when thin wisps of calcium can be seen on x-ray - we call it calco-chondrinosis - PFPS responds very nicely to gentle mobilisation of the patella.

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Clarke's test for patello femoral pain syndrome.


Treatment of PFPS is really quite simple. The knee cap is mobilised (may be painful as the arthritic hyaline cartilage crystals are gently polished away), you will apply ice at home, and some gentle exercises involving the Quadriceps muscles must be done.

Your chiropractor will also check further to see if the underlying cause may be in your ankle/foot or sacroiliac joint. Read more: SACROILIAC JOINT ...

HYALINE CARTILAGE ... at the heart of knee pain. The stuff under the kneecap.


A glass of orange juice, freshly squeezed, because it increases tissue permeability and collagen healing will make a significant contribution to the healing of any cartilage and ligament condition, like Patello Femoral Pain Syndrome.

You can get a few ideas about knee pain from a different perspective at ORANGE JUICE FACTS.

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The sailor man never suffered from PFPS. Why? Because knee cap arthritis is closely associated with a condition called Chondro Calcinosis. The deposit of calcium crystals in cartilage has now been shown to be assoicated with a magnesium deficiency. Fresh Spinach recipes ...

This has implications for other conditions such as Frozen Shoulder which are often also associated with calcium crystal deposits.


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