CHIROPRACTOR Bryanston Kensington Rivonia

Suffering from neck pain, headaches? CHIROPRACTOR Bryanston Kensington Rivonia is the place for you. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that the treatment of choice for spinal conditions is a combination of manipulation / mobilisation and exercise.

That is what Chiropractic is about; and of course good nutrition.

Woman with a headache.

CHIROPRACTOR Bryanston Kensington Rivonia

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  • Chiropractic Conditions is a central page at our site. It provides you simply and easily with the sorts of diagnoses that the average DC would be treating.
  • Healthy Living Tips is another vital page at Chiropractic Help. Sparkling wellbeing is not just about having your subluxations adjusted. This link gives you some insights into different foods you could and perhaps should be eating.


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You have perhaps heard that Chiropractic could help a condition from which you are suffering, but you think it would first be prudent to find out more about Chiropractic Therapy. Is there a Chiropractic answer to your problem and, it's easy to make claims, but how much hard Chiropractic research is there to back up our claims?
Chiropractic Therapy ... what is it?

Chiropractic Research ...

Chiropractic Answers ...


SLOW FOOD, made fast, is our slogan. Sometimes that can't be done, but generally healthy eating doesn't mean laborious cooking. Take our Lentil protein dish for example. Nothing could be easier than to add this magical cholesterol-lowering food to your menu. Tofu nutrition you can literally prepare in the time to take to fry a couple onions, but yes our lekker healthy lamb mutton stew does take about an hour and a half. Cook enough and it'll last you three or four days. We're having tofu tonight. Dus minder opvliegers! Suffering from menopause?


CHIROPRACTOR Bryanston Kensington Rivonia - South Africa

Whether you live in a sports crazy country like South Africa, or a country with mad stairscases like I do, foot and ankle injuries are common and, if not cared for properly, lead inexorably to plenty of cases where one could write volumes of ankle joint pain casefiles.

Every sprained ankle should have the ankle mortise and subtalar joints assessed. Neglected they just lead to painful feet and ankles in the future. Worse, because they change your gait, they start to cause knee, hip and back problems.

Ankle mortise and subtalar joints.

Love your meat? Thank your lucky stars you don't live in the Netherlands! It's tasteless and horrid!

But do make sure you are balancing that cholesterol with plenty of soluble fibre and phytosterols. Otherwise the chances of seeing the grandchildren grow up ...!

If you have raised cholesterol then our authentic hummus recipe is right up your street. Chickpeas are one of the six SUPERFOODS regular mentioned for raised cholesterol. I make two cups of hummus twice a week. Apple diet is another...

  • "AUTHENTIC HUMMUS RECIPE"... make it in five minutes at home; find it using the Site Search function in the main menu above.
Hummus ingredients.


At this page you will also find tables that will help you to interpret your own cholesterol figures. Getting your cholesterol blood profile into shape is really not that difficult, without the use of nasty Statins with all their side effects. Quaker Oats recipes for breakfast, an apple for lunch... really, it's not rocket science. You can do it too.

"FOODS TO AVOID HIGH CHOLESTEROL", again use that Site Search function.

QUAKER OATS RECIPES are all about the soluble fibre.

Much of the research now is fingering raised blood sugar rather than cholesterol as the source of our poor cardiovascular health; in fact what you do or don't eat has very little influence on the fat profile in your blood.

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