extreme sudden pain in lower back directly above the coccyx and total numbness directly over coccyx

by Rebecca
(Linköping SWEDEN)

48 year old female, gave birth 1 time, never had any surgeries. Was in a wreck Nov. 1990 while 5 months pregnant, severe whiplash down whole body, it felt like, I had to be cut out of the car, it tore the placenta slightly & water broke 6 weeks early. I went into shock & then later could not move left or right. BUT I don't even think that has anything to do with this current pain. 2 more recent 'fall downs' that directly affected my back-tailbone and-or hip.

Woke up and could not even bend forward or sit with weight on my right hip. It may be pertinent to note 2 things. In early September 2006, I fell backwards very quickly, when my right foot literally flew up to shoulder heighth like it had been jerked with a string. (ladies shoes, new leather thin sole and slick polished concrete floors always a danger) I twisted because I didn't want to bash my skull in, and in doing so landed right on my right hip joint and probably dislocated it briefly. I could not put any weight on my right hip for several months, nor on my tailbone for a shorter period of months + that also caused horrible pain. Hard to walk, putting all weight on left joint. That was at least 6 months.

Also a longer time ago, maybe late 2002, I was descending a very steep staircase with 22 steps in my home (and just smooth walls, no handgrip) I started to fall and was tilting forward, but, I was holding my baby in my arms (adrenalin, a wonderful thing) I threw my head back and let my body follow, but, I landed directly onto my coccyx (hard wood) HARD right on the step angle pointing outwards, then bumped down about 5 more steps in the same angle & hit right directly on the step edge. 7↕ (top of the arrow) All I could do is hand my baby to my husband and just about keeled over crying.

I never got treatment for either accident, the 1st time my (now ex) called me a baby for crying and acted thoroughly disgusted with my response, the whole time whining on about how I'm not a doctor and I can't KNOW whether or not it was broken, and besides even if it IS they can't do anything about it(he did that to me when i broke my toe also, and now that toe is 2x fatter than the never injured one, always red, bent at weird angle and, like if I bump it into a chair leg? forget about it)

When I fell on my hip with obvious dislocation, my son died 3 days later and I just never went for any treatment because I didn't care.

This MAY be related: suffering a chronic cough for 7 months and pulled ripped muscles, and even my ribs make bizarre clicking sounds like they have 'joints' but that doesnt hurt, its in the front under my right breast.

My bio+father had lower back surgery when he was younger than me, ruptured disc surgery, and maybe there's a genetic thing too.

The PAIN isnt in the coccyx, its 4 inches above, directly center, still 'back' area, but, radiating pain in groin and right hip. Complete numbness at coccyx, I stabbed it hard with a toothpick and didn't even feel PRESSURE, much less skin 'feelings' I can't really sit, but, just only stand or lay down.

P.S. the doctors here seem like they're just using 'checklists' and disregard anything I say.

Gosh, Rebecca, you've had a hard time. And I thought the stairs in Holland were dangerous, but at least they have a hand rail.

I take it this pain all started recently. A disc injury is a distinct possibility. Does it hurt if you cough or sneeze? Bearing down on the toilet? Laughing? Any pain in the leg.

However the groin pain points to the possibility of a sacro-iliac or hip condition.

Type "slipped disc rules" into the Search this site function at C-H for some guidelines.

I would recommend you see a local chiropractor for an examination, and direction.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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